Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Helping your local animal shelter

This is the hardest time of year for all the animal shelters. The one I speak of often is full to over-flowing and donations are slow. Foster homes are few and adoptions in the summer are always down due to people being busier with travelling and cottaging.

Please locate your closest animal shelter and make a donation of money or food. If ours is suffering, they all are. We have one of the most caring group of people running The Lanark Animal Shelter and the shelter itself is one of the finest I have seen. We need our shelters and it is up to us to keep the doors open. They rely on donations of money and food from the areas they cover. They especially need canned cat food for the kittens.

Annie and Audrey came from this shelter.
Annie arrived with three 2 day old kittens and I brought them home to foster last September. Two of her kittens were adopted and I adopted Annie and Audrey. Without this shelter, Annie would have been left in an abandoned house to die with her kittens.

Please take a moment out of your day and think about how you can make a difference at your local animal shelter. They need us.

                                                        Annie & Audrey

Here is a link to our local shelter in Smiths Falls, Ontario.

Hugs, Deb


  1. I agree: this is the hardest time for animal shelter with so many kittens and puppies flowing in daily:(( Everybody that can, please, make a donation to your local shelter or help with fostering and adopting.

  2. A little tip: our local animal shelter takes aluminum can donations. We save our cans in a large, clear plastic bags and have donated them to the shelter. They can make a bit of money from them so save your aluminum pop cans!! Ask your local shelter if they'd like them. Just a thought...

  3. Thanks Ronna. I'm going to email them today to see if this is something that can help them, too. I know ours takes Canadian Tire Money and are always in need of canned food.

  4. I give to our local shelter every time I purchase cat food--Petco has a promotion to add to your purchases. Such a great cause, but we also need to remind people to spay or neuter your animals and not have this problem! XOXO

  5. One of our local shelters has just posted to say they currently have 41 kittens for rehoming, I dread to think how many the others have.

  6. There are at least that at the Lanark Animal Shelter. A foster lady in our town has many, many black ones. It's a very troubling time for shelters. I'll never understand the attitudes toward spaying and neutering in this area. We have many very irresponsible people here.

  7. I am going to make a donation to our local shelter again this summer! It is always so sad to see so many kitties without homes.

  8. You have such a talent for cat photography! Your lovely cats in gentle repose are in stark contrast to the annoyed sneers and bored looks I always seem to capture with my kitties! I will send a donation to our Humane Society because of your well-timed reminder.

  9. I am getting some cat and dog toys together to take to our shelter.They need pens too! Our OSPCA always has a wish list online that you can look at!