Friday, July 27, 2012

What made your day?

A sweet surprise in the mail.
Annie was so eager to share in the excitement of a little surprise in the mail. It was a lovely gift from Sharon at Tales from Twisty Lane. All the way from Houston, Texas.
 Gorgeous note-pads and a pretty card with kitties on them. Sharon must know how many notes we have to write with our cat-sitting business, right Annie? What a sweet gift, Sharon.
Thank you so much. Your blog is one of my all-time favorite to visit.
Do drop by and meet Sharon at Twisty Lane.

I was on the back roads again today. Not disappointed with what I found.

"Hello sweetheart"
An abandoned stone house
I would have loved to get closer but could not trespass.

then off we went for ice-cream to celebrate someone's 12th bday.

Mmmmmmm...vanilla ice cream.

All these things made my day and Kane was a pretty happy dog with his once-a-year ice-cream treat.

hugs, Deb


  1. Happy Belated Birthday, Kane!

    The log barns are fabulous! I'd love to have that lumber for flooring.

  2. Kane is just beautiful! Dianne

  3. My grands make my day, especially when they just say, "I love you Mimi." I love their honest expression of feelings. Happy Birthday Kane and I hope you enjoyed your vanilla ice cream. <3 XOXO

  4. Happy Belated Birthday Kane !
    I hope you have a wonderful time WHOLE YEAR !
    Meow !!!

  5. A kitty like Annie could have been the inspiration for the card. :D :D A little vanilla ice cream sounds like a grand way to celebrate Kane's birthday!

  6. So glad Kane got that ice cream! What a cute gift...I love surprises also! Hope you and all the fur kids have a great weekend! Hugs, Linda

  7. Happy birthday you darling dog! Hugs and kisses from all of us. We think you might have a bit of ice
    crean on a quarterly basis, what do you think?

    The abandoned stone house made my heart leap.