Sunday, July 29, 2012

No more chemicals

So, I sprayed the cats with equal parts fresh lemon juice (squeezed from lemon) and warm water and left it on their fur to dry. That was weeks ago and I have not seen one flea here this year since.
Mr. Ed & Sierra
I think this may work for the cats. No nasty chemicals; just a bit of sticky fur for awhile and some sour-puss's.

Go ahead and try it. I would say it's worth a try. If your cat does not care to be sprayed then dab it on with a sponge. Not too much, just pat all their hair and get it down to the skin. Avoid the eye area. I actually did not put it on their face. Now leave it. Fleas hate citrus.

Details on the give-away coming tomorrow.

hugs, Deb


  1. Everything I keep reading about the spot on flea treatments sure freaks me out, especially the new Costco Kirkland brand. Too many kitties hurt or killed for my liking. I will have to try the lemon juice and water trick, I've not heard of that one before.

  2. I agree--natural is so much better. The cats' fur does look shiny and healthy; great tip. XOXO

  3. Dear Deb, my mom take note !
    Thanks so much for the tip

  4. I don't like using chemicals either. For the past 6-7 years I've been giving our girls brewer's yeast mixed in their food and no fleas. Their coats are shiny, and they like it. I found out about brewer's yeast online and am so glad I did. I mix about 1 tsp. into 1 1/2 - 2 cups dry cat food, mixed with a 1/4 of a can of wet cat food, for our 4 feline girls.

    B vitamins are in the brewer's yeast. Fleas do not like thiamin.

    Here is one link about it:

    I don't use 1 tsp. per cat, just about 1 tsp. mixed in food for all. You can read more about brewer's yeast for cats online if you do a search.

    I sprinkle brewer's yeast on my cereal too. :-)

    Have a great week with all of the felines in your life.


  5. Thank you FlowerLady for this advice. I also have tried this and recommend it, too. Deb

  6. I'll certainly give this a go, I hate using chemicals on any of the animals. I can well imagine their sour looks, but it will be worth it. Thanks.x

  7. Thanks for the tip....I will give it a try on Smoky. (my cat)

  8. I've been really lucky. None of my kitties have picked up fleas. Now, when it comes to cockleburs, it's a different story.

  9. Maybe kind of like ants hate cinnamon, huh? I say do what we can to cut down on the chemicals we put on our beloved pets. I'm having a party starting later today. It's about "tweaking." Love for you to show some of your pretty dishes!

  10. Cats hate citrus as well. I don't think we have fleas here.

  11. Oh, look at all the pretty kitties and dishes here! Lovely, lovely, lovely! Thanks for letting me know about your blog!