Saturday, July 7, 2012

Coffee in hand...out the door

This has been a very hot, humid summer so far.

I just picked up more baskets to hang on the outdoor deck. Everything is 1/2 price now. Yah!
I'm just loving purples and whites together this year.

Things are coming along in the garden and we'll be eating tomatoes soon.

After taking care of business at home, it's off to cat-sit.
 Audrey is tired. Her nights are exhausting with all the shananigans that she must perform. I shut her out of the room last night and she's not talking to me today.
As mad as I get at her I always have to kiss her before I leave for work.

hugs, Deb


  1. Have fun taking care of all of those kitties this weekend.

  2. Love the purple pretty! Oh that Audrey! But such a sweet face I would have to kiss her too! Have fun with all the kitties you get to visit this weekend! hugs, Linda

  3. Purple white and pink are my favourite colour combination for flowers. We have on and off showers today, no humidity for three days..then back into stinking hot...which suits me just fine!
    Jane x

  4. That color combination is on my deck as well...and my fuschia are just beautiful; must be all the rain and cool weather we had! I know as annoying as Bailey can get, he's just so darn cute and at almost 17 years old, I know he won't be around much longer, so I put up gladly with his shenanigans! XOXO

  5. Such a sweet little face and adorable feeties! No one could resist!
    Love you flowers. They wouldnt last very long in our relentless sun, and hot dry weather.

  6. Well, this is lovely! Isn't it interesting how color affects us? I love that it's the time of year for plants on the porch. Oh what kitty love!

  7. Awww.......just look at her cute jelly bean toes! She reminds me of our sweet Bobo.....he lived to be 18, I miss him....

  8. How lovely to begin your day with flowers and kitties!

  9. Owww so sweeeeeeetttt!!..enjoy a happy summer

  10. Those flowers are beautiful - and so is Audrey. One of our cats has got it into her head that I want to be woken at 4.30am, every day. She ensures that I am wide awake and out of bed, then she goes back to her bed for a couple of hours sleep...

  11. Your flowers are lovely.

    Maybe another suggestion is a big play session with Miss Audrey in the early evening, to tucker her out. She looks so cute sleeping, who would imagine she was trouble?

    Julie and Poppy Q

  12. Adorable Audrey. How could such a sweet thing possibly be bad? Wonderful picture, Deb! Becky

  13. Thank you for your sweet words on my blog, Deb. A warm welcome for you!
    Here on you blog, I see a lot of cups. You collect them?

    Kind regards,