Saturday, August 27, 2011

"So long Jack" "Hi Mooch"

Never has a state funeral made me cry. Jack Layton's televised funeral was full of inspiration, love & hope for the future of Canada. It brought me to tears. 

So much in the news today kept me glued to the TV. This wonderful man's funeral/celebration of his life and legacy and watching the outcome of Hurricane Irene has made this day emotional. I hope Irene is over soon.

A bit of comic relief is this little moocher.
 I was just finishing up my visit with Josephine and low and behold look who is waiting at the door for the cat-sitter to appear. Of course, I fussed over her and I did give her some treats. Her friend missed out but tomorrow is another day.

I'm picking up some organic apples tomorrow and I think I just may like a new 'snack' idea I read on Cozy Little House. up apple and add a bit of peanut butter to each slice. Really? I think I may like that and it has fewer calories than peanut butter on a cracker.What can be wrong with that! Drop over and meet Brenda. She's incredible. Wait til you see her cozy little photos.
                        "You guys should try nip on a cracker. Really!"
Hugs, Deb


  1. It has been quite the day. I hope that Irene will be gone soon. Apples and PB are very tasty!

  2. A mixed day for you but at least you got gorgeous kitties to console you.. Hugs GJ xx

  3. I went to watch the funeral procession, so very sad. Jack was such a fixture in Toronto, I sort of thought he'd always be there. A huge loss for the country.

  4. That little mooch makes me smile!

  5. Thanks for coming by and commenting on our blog! I was also very saddened by the loss of Jack Layton. I knew he was sick but he never gave the impression that it was fatal. I wonder how the NDP will move forward now that that he's gone.

  6. Our convenience store, where we used to live, had apple slices with a small container of peanut butter put up for take out. Delicious!
    But we're sure nip would be the topping of choice for most of my family.
    Beautiful photo Sierra.