Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Downright Delicious Donut

We were out near the Richmond Bakery in Richmond, Ontario again so we stopped in to pick up some of these...
Downright Delicious Donut
I know! It's awful...

I am moving a buffet upstairs (maybe I'll work off that donut) to make more room in my dining-room. I hate clutter and the dining-room is cluttered with furniture. I'll make use of it and store some of my seasonal dishes in it so I'm playing with dishes again. My second favorite past-time to kitty-sitting. Today I just had Ebony to care for so she made the best of my time. She's not a very playful cat but she did her best to keep up with me. :) I have time to work on her play skills and surprise her owners when they return.

Don't move ol' blue eyes...I think there's a ghost behind you.
Little ghost cat, 
By moonlight now you come and go
Unseen, and, like moving water flow
Through my dreams, calling as of long ago,
O friend I loved and lost. . .and loved again.

Written by Barbara Parkhill Hall
hugs, Deb


  1. Playing with dishes is fun! I have to say, the minute I saw that donut, my stomach growled!


  2. Hurrah! Lily is back! How she could ever leave Ed we'll never know! We'd suggest Ed play hard to get but it would just mean more time lost from his lady love.
    What a touching poem! Got all teary eyed, we did. Very sad sweet.
    Please be careful with your rib injury moving your buffet. When you are feeling almost better is the time that one tends to over do.

  3. What a lovely poignant poem. I copied it and will rewrite in my finest calligraphy. Most of us have lost and found a cat we love and this poem says it perfectly.
    Maybe Mr. Ed recited it to Lily and brought her back to him. ;)