Monday, August 15, 2011

What would life be without worry

As a cat-sitter, I have had my share of worry this week already. Before the owners left, one of my charges (funny word, eh!) had been caught spraying in the home. A female cat marking territory. There are 2 females in this home. So I am dealing with a 'sprayer' who also is part feral and hides on me. I know she is eating but can't see her as she hides under a bed and inside the mattress. Lord! This is difficult and makes my kind of work challenging.  I'm hoping we have good progress this week. The other cat in the home is doing fine. I'm a natural worrier so of course this cat will plague my mind until I see some progress. She needs to feel safe and she's worth whatever it takes on my part.

I returned a key to Smudge's owner this morning. I'll miss that little beauty 'til next time.

These two little rascals are always up to no good but I have never had to worry about them .
Bud & Chase
They are fun, silly, affectionate, healthy little tabby boys. Their favorite thing is for me to sit on the couch with one on each side and just pet them non-stop.
You can hear them purring in the next town. They love their grooming sessions much they fall right off the couch.
Before I leave I always hide some treats around the living-room. They know this game and they wait for it. Sometimes they are already sitting there before I get the bag. Once the treats are placed I bid them goodbye 'til next visit. They find everyone of them.

If you have been following my blog for some time you know who Shelly is when I speak of her. She is a foster mom for homeless cats and lives in my town. She often takes cats from our local shelter and cares for them until they are ready for adoption. She just sent me an email...."I have a cat here that is ready to pop anytime now. She is lovely and I think I'll call her Tinkerbell.
She is black and white short hair and very tiny.So.....looks like new kittens anytime now. I'll certainly be posting pictures and keeping you updated on Tinkerbell and her future new-mom status. I just hope that when the time comes there will be loving homes waiting for these kittens and Tinkerbell. Too many cats....too few good homes.

Some people have asked a few questions about my business.
Yes, I cat-sit every day. It is actually a 7 day a week commitment so you must really want to do this if you are thinking of starting up a cat-sitting service. But  keep in mind that it is your business so you can take time off if needed.
I go into the client's home. The cat does not come to my home.
Your cat is best left at  home in its' own environment  with all its' own things and have someone visit once or twice a day.
I do not look after dogs and that is the reason I named my business Just Cats. Plain and simple. I still get asked, though. Why is that????

Back home, Sierra enjoys her ESS scratcher and she's not sharing.
               "You're finally home, Deb.  Scratch my belly"
hugs, Deb


  1. I enjoy your posts so much! As a cat lover, I look forward to hear stories about your charges...
    thanks for sharing!

  2. Some feral cats are hard, one of mine is only attached to me and she hides under the bed a lot even after 12 years! That is a cute belly to scratch! ;D

  3. What a pile o' lovely kitties!

    So, do you look after chickens? ;)))

  4. I agree, cats need to remain in their own home and have someone come to them. I know it is such a relief for people to know that you are there taking care of their little kitties.
    What do YOU do when a cat sprays?

  5. What a great service you are providing. We have two Dogs and have always had someone come in to house sit when we go away whether it is one day or 3 weeks. Our mission this month is to find someone to be available for us in the new small town we have relocated to last month. Take care ..

  6. Wow, sitting all day petting two cats, what a dream job! Sometimes when I read on the couch, my one cat will climb up next to me and let me pet him while I read. Sometimes my dog will come up too on my other side too. I feel so loved!

  7. Dear Deb, Did you ever have a trouble to get the kitty back in the house ?Like me, I'm outdoor 80 % of the day, and I'm not easy to get back home.
    When I was with my ex-owner, they went to oversea, and they ask the cat sister to come to look after me and my brother and sis, then after that I start to sleep over with my pawrents and move to their home forever till my mom have to go to ask my ex-owner to adopted me. I still visit my ex-owner but I always come back to my mom and dad.

  8. Wow a lot of blogs on cats, very cute little guy. Richard from Amish Stories.

  9. Hi there !
    Me and mom just love to read your posts about your catsitting day´s.
    Mom think it sounds like the best work in the whole wide world :)

  10. Seven days a week is a HUGE commitment. Your love of cats is evidenced by the pride and perfection you put into taking care of the kitties, as well as the most important part...LOVE!