Thursday, August 25, 2011

Robin's Nest & Happy x 3

We ate lunch at the Robin's Nest today in Almonte, Ontario (12 km from home)

Cute little place.

Their food is like 'mom used to make'

Pies are homemade

Tasty, hot tea.  I 'm happy.
Then we took our dog, Kane for a run but all he wanted to do was roll.
 Why you ask? Because I had just bathed him.

At Home....Ed was happy, too. Fresh grass just for him.

and at our local shelter there is a very happy cat there, too. Look who just got adopted...

I am so happy for John today. He has been picked out of 100 cats to be given a second chance. Tonight he is at home with his new family. I wish him a long and happy, healthy life. Bless you, John. You are a wonderful cat and it was a privilege to get to know you. :)
John is 5 years old and had been at our shelter since May/11. Here is their website

This made my day!

hugs, Deb


  1. So happy John got a new home! Mr Ed looks like he will enjoy that grass! Nice tea room, makes me wish I lived there!

  2. What a sweet post to start off a weekend. Hooray John! And what a sweet little restaurant you visited Deb ~ good for you!
    xo Catherine

  3. Sounds like a great tea room!! Our furbabies (Yellow lab and a Yorkie)always seem to need a good roll after they have been to the groomers ... What a wonderful feeling it must be each time a little one is adopted and goes to their forever home!!! Happy Friday..HHL

  4. The tea room looks lovely =)
    Yeah for Ed's tasty grass
    I really am very happy to hear about John--I love it when "older" kitties find a forever home