Saturday, August 27, 2011

off to cat-sit

It is a beautiful morning here but the thoughts of all those in Irene's path lay heavy on the mind.

Last night, as I visited one of my kitty clients, I was welcomed on the deck by one of the neighbour cats.

She was so soft & sweet. Look how gorgeous she is.  I guess she had heard that a cat-sitter was coming and the thought of her cat-bag carrying a few kitty treats entered her little brain. She got lots of tummy rubs and yes, a treat as I left. She's no fool!

Josephine was happy for company and was much friendlier than usual. She is on medication presently but doing fine.
 We had a fun visit.

This morning as I arrived to give Josephine her breakfast, I was greeted by 2 cats on the back deck.
Wow! Word spreads fast in this neighbourhood. Of course, they both got some patting and I left them with a few treats. They were friends, you could tell.

My clients mentioned these little moochers so it was not a surprise to learn that they come by for a treat regularly. This street houses many cat-lovers and many gorgeous, friendly cats.

Ebony was looking for a tummy-rub when I arrived this morning. Is she not the most gorgeous, silky black cat? I love this gal.

Hope you have a safe weekend.

Hugs, Deb


  1. Hmm, we make have to come by for treats!

  2. I love how the 'neighbor' cats came to greet you! Cute!

  3. funny! tomorrow it might be three cats! you got the best job, loving on all the kitties.

  4. Look at the tail on the neighbor cat! Fluff!

  5. Word travels fast in the feline world -- Free treats!!
    Ebony looks so much like Addy. I know I know you will only be able to take my word for it! hahahaha

  6. The most beautiful cats, is the one at the top a rag doll? xx

  7. All these cats looks very nice. You have such a wonderful job, being greeted by cute cats when you go to work. Ebony looks almost like my Spunky Doodle except my Spunky has white paws and is even a bit cuter (of course, I am biased).

  8. Hey Deb - Yes I worry about all those poor little guys, too - and my rabbits and squirrels, and birds - no birds this morning at all! We're in Southern New Jersey and are even now getting a deluge - much more to come overnight!

    We have an excellent SPCA and they have taken in people's pets to secure them through the storm. They will be VERY busy this weekend.

    All cars are ordered off the roads as of an hour ago. Don't know when we'll lose power - expect to do so before morning. Our Emma and Copperfield are snoozing away, without a care. We have their carriers ready if we need to make a hasty retreat - though I doubt we will.

    Bless you and your care for God's precious kitties!
    Miss Kathy

  9. I have never seen such a brazen display of kitty mooching =)
    (well, except maybe at our house!)

  10. Own! We have an Ebony (√Čbano) here too!!!!
    Kisses and sweet Sunday!

  11. We have some sweet neighbourhood cats too, but those sweeties are very pretty.

  12. When the moochers are such sweeties, who could resist! They sort of even look a bit like Josephine!
    Ebony is such a beauty! I love the way black cats fur seems to glisten even in the lowest light! And those eyes! You can almost read her mind through those bright, luminous eyes. Kisses to the kitties from us!