Friday, August 19, 2011

Well, it's Friday

Some owners have returned but still it is a busy weekend ahead. Many cats to care for and a few get-togethers.

We are in for some rain but that's fine...we need it.

I'm still working with Addy. She is a feral turned house-cat and her first reaction to anyone entering the home is to hide under the bed. So there she is every morning and there is no changing that. She is eating well, using the box, drinking from her wine glass so perfectly placed on the bed-table. I'm not worried about her and I do see her each day so we will carry on. I just wish I could pet her.
Lucky is the opposite. She dances around my feet as I prepare their breakfast. She is a short, stubby-build and as soft as silk. Cutest little dickens. She was very afraid of me when I first looked after her. Here's the very first photo I took of her.
Now she dances in the kitchen while I prepare her meals. We are best buds.

As of today I have 10 cats under my care. Very manageable. I can pamper each and everyone if they let me.

I am heading out to get Ed a wheat-grass plant for the deck. He is yearning to get out on the lawn but then he is known to scoot under the fence so he must stay in the screened-in deck. He is so smart but may have a bit of dimentia now. Too smart for his own good, though. I know he loves to munch on grass so I'll bring the grass to him.

We have a new white cat living 2 doors down that is allowed to roam. Ed has seen her through the fence and I think he thinks its' Lily. 

Thundercloud is a beautiful Russian Blue and I spent a lot of time this morning bonding with her. She is very playful and kind spirited.
She's actually drop-dead gorgeous

5 kittens have been born at Shelly's foster home. They are now 3 days old. The mother was rescued last week and is now safely being cared for along with her kittens. I know you want to see them so I'll pop over.

I wish you all a very happy weekend and thanks for popping by this silly little blog.

hugs, Deb 


  1. I love your cats, they are all beautiful! xx

  2. I love your cat stories. I love how you care for cats. Isn't it wonderful to do something nice for a cat, to see a cat enjoy something you've done for them? It's always a highlight of my day.

  3. Oh, and I so love the picture of you and the orange and white kitty in the sidebar. You can see by the kitty's posture and body language that he loves you back!

  4. You do have a thriving business don't you. You are the best!

  5. So much to keep you busy. I love that photo of the cat peeking over the table edge. Poor Mr Ed I can sympathize with a little dementia myself. :) Have a great weekend. I am busy spoiling Tiger....gosh it's fun to be a Grammy!

  6. I love reading about your guest kitties. What a wonderful service you do for their "Moms" as well as for them. I sure wish I knew someone in my area who cared for dogs. I hate it when we have to board Boudxy. Your place sounds like a "Kitty Spa" retreat.

  7. Have a terrific weekend!
    Thanks so much for sharing-love those cats!

  8. I love take care of cats!!!
    Have a great weekend too!

  9. Own, in time.. I love the fist photo on this post!

  10. Love the photo of Lucky. Too cute!

  11. Hi Deb,
    What a wonderful job you have! Love the photo of cute and Thundercloud is gorgeous. These cats are very lucky to have you to care for them...they know you love them even if you're not their 'Mom'. You have a great weekend too!
    Maura :)

  12. I am so glad the new mum and her kitties are doing well. God bless her! And God bless Shelly for giving her food, care and a loving home in which to have her babies.

    Addy may be like our Smokey who was also feral. In all the years we had him, he never sought our (human) companionship but he absolutely loved the other cats. He died being treated for cancer, still not wanting human contact. I just pray he knew how much he was loved.
    We love seeing the kitties you care for. That photo of Lucky is so precious!
    I hope Ed enjoys his kitty grass.

  13. What a lovely photo of Lucky-I will have to visit you one time when I am in Ottawa- I just returned. Addy is fortunate to have you.

  14. Addy never liked me and I lived with her for like 10 years, lol. Actually, Lucky never liked me either! I'm sure my mom very much appreciates you!