Wednesday, August 10, 2011

prepping the cat bag

This summer has been a very busy time for cat-sitting. I have neglected to introduce you to some of the cats that have been in my care but I promise I will soon. I guess I have been a little side-tracked with Hugo being here and needing to learn all the ins and outs with a diabetic cat. It's been a really good learning experience for me as now I understand what the family's deal with every day with the diabetic cats I care for. I have many clients whose cats require insulin daily. Now I know that much more about it and understand why certain cats require 1 daily injection and others 2. Hugo is twice daily and on special low-carb food and seems to be doing well. Today, he kept me company in the office and I made a special place right beside my computer for him to snuggle up and have a nice nap on a very cozy comforter. He did just that after kneading it and rolling around for awhile.

His purring could lull you to sleep. I have really bonded with this gentle, sweet-natured, laid-back little munchkin.
                        How could you not love him

Buddy is my biggest fan this week.
He is the lovely white boy with the permanent smudge on his nose. He loves his grooming sessions and gets very excited to see me throw a magazine on the floor to read. He knows this means I'll be there for awhile and brushing him all over. He sprawls himself across the book and gets a tummy rub. Cats love it when you read out-loud. They love the sound of your voice and it comforts them immediately. I have a hard time leaving him but then I always do find it hard to leave the cats that are alone. I always spend time combing, brushing, interacting with toys and if they love to be carried around I make time for that, too. I do my best to make them comfy and leave them with their meals and treats to eat after I have left. I figure it passes a bit more time for them.
This coming weekend I am over-the-top busy again. Lots of  tabbies (5 to be exact), calicos, blackies & smokey greys. I'm gathering up the appropriate files on each cat, some extra toys, a bit of nip and making sure my camera batteries are good to go.

This never gets old. I live for it, I love it and I hope to do this 'til I just can't do no more.

(taken 2010)
hugs, Deb


  1. Such sweetness...I was just telling my daughter about you today. She had been to a shelter looking for a cat and she came home broken hearted to all those without homes. :(

  2. Aww, what sweet kitties! Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  3. Are you reading them TS Eliot? MOL? My cats like that!

  4. that is a lovely post about what you do and your care and love for your job and the felines really shines through. Interaction is really key isn't it. I guess you get what you put in. Love Helen

  5. Thank you so very much for visiting my currently neglected blog, and for your lovely comment.

    Hugo looks very like my beloved rescue cat, Zebby, even down to the fluffy,generous tummy!

    What incredible work you have for a lover of felines.

    Zeb is demanding my presence (or more likely my body heat and huggles) in our bed - so I'd better join him or face the clawed paw. XXXX Michelle/Mickle and my Zebby Cat rescue lad

  6. Good Morning Deb!
    What a wonderful job for a cat lover like you. So you go to each home and spend time with the cats along with feeding them and giving them meds etc? I bet the owners feel so much better knowing they are leaving their 'babies' in such caring and capable hands. Hugo and Buddy are so wonder you love your job with sweeties like these to look after! I hope you have a wonderful day...
    Maura :)

  7. That Hugo is a love! What a face. I love a white cat and Buddy is a beauty! Hope you have a good weekend loving on all those cats!


  8. It's great you have a job you love so much! And I adore Mr. Smudgey-nose!

  9. You are such a lovely person, Deb. I am so happy we found your blog.

    Hugo is the perfect office companion. And I know exactly what you mean about that purr! It's one of the most beautiful and soothing sounds I know. A purring kitty can put me to sleep in a flash.
    Buddy is gorgeous and your photo of him is amazing. I zoomed in so only his face and eyes were on the screen and his beauty literally made me gasp. It's so touching that he knows when you drop the magazine that it means special time for him. I always talk to my cats but I think I may start to read aloud to them.
    God bless you.

  10. Mum says she would just love your job and how lovely to meet such lovelies as a job.. Purrfect.. Hugs GJ xx

  11. My mom want´s to rub Hugos tummy :)
    It sure is a great job you have Deb !