Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ginormous Green Thumb

I was invited for coffee the other day to my friend, Barb's house. I love her house.  It is a beautiful, old, brick, comfy, charming & inviting home. BUT....that's not all. She gardens like I have never seen before.

First, we had coffee in her gorgeous living room.She served coffee in tea-cups. Oh boy...I like this gal. She was sitting her grand-doggie Gertie who is only 10 months old and is full of mischief. I brought along some blueberry muffins which we had one of  with coffee and while we were busy talking, Gertie stole 2. Gert!
Then we ventured out to her backyard paradise.
"Thanks for the muffins, Deb"

It was time to hose down the garden

Every kind of veggie you can think of was growing here
Her fence was covered in concord grapes
Look at her beans

Yes, I did come home with a basket of numminess. I'll be eating beans all weekend.
and tomatoes....oh glory!

This girl knows how to garden. Isn't she amazing!
Here's something you may not have know about cats...
A white cat with eyes like the above (very common in white cats) is deaf on the side of the blue eye and hears perfectly normal on the green-eyed side.
This cat was on the web so I don't know why it's nose is so dirty.

hugs, Deb


  1. Peaceful tea and cakes in a beautiful setting - delightful:-)

  2. How interesting about the white cats! You always have great tidbits. I love a sliced tomato on my sandwich.

  3. that was one of the most amazing gardens I have ever seen! Did you get to take any grapes home? I bet she makes her own grape jam! Yum!!!! (or jelly)

    I never knew that fact about white cats, thank you for sharing!

  4. Your friends garden is wonderful! I wonder how she reaches the top of those bean plants. I guess I'd rather have a green thumb than one green eye ;)

  5. What a cool blue- and green-eyed kitty! And your friend's garden is stupendous.