Tuesday, August 16, 2011

White Wednesday

You know me, I love white so I have to join in the fun on White Wednesday. I've been really busy this week but Lily made this very easy for me tonight as I looked over at my washing machine.
"Thanks Lily. I love your little touch of red"
My Lily

A little more white....
Puffin is now in a foster home and doing well. Still waiting for a permanent home.
  Lucy is waiting at the Lanark Animal Shelter. She is 2 years old.
hugs, Deb


  1. I love Whitesters! Lucy is a dollface, and Puffin looks sooo lonely. Fingers crossed for both of them!
    Lily, of course, is stunning.

  2. Sending good thoughts that these sweet kitties find a loving home! xo Catherine

  3. All are gorgeous !!! and I purrs hard for both to get adopted so soon !

  4. Beautiful cats..hope their warm, sweet home comes soon.
    xo bj

  5. Oh I adore your sweet Lily..Puffin and Lucy...white cats remind me so much of my childhood...for some reason we had all white cats. xoxoox Thanks for visiting me the other day.

  6. Lily is so pretty with her red collar. I do love a white cat...well hey I love all cats :)

  7. My heart breaks for my sweet Johnny. He's mostly white so he fits in! You know I've fallen in love with him. One can't look at his sweet face every day and not fall in love with him. I pray for the perfect home for him each day. Not just any home but the perfect home. Maybe that's what's taking so long. I would so love to have him be my kitty son!

  8. Hi. Thanks for leaving comments on my blog. Greetings to the lovely Lily! I went on a tour of the cages at Lanarkanimals. That Webster is a handsome boy.