Friday, August 12, 2011


The day started right. I enjoyed my coffee while watching Ed & Lily re-kindle their affection for one another, finally. I noticed last night something was happening and I am so happy for Ed. He has been doing his best to fit in where he can but I know he was missing his Lily. 
Then it was off to cat-sit. I returned keys, picked up new keys and then spent some time with a beautiful calico cat.

This is lovely Smudge. My favorite thing about her is that she likes to peek around the island and watch me get her dinner ready. She reminds me of a little, shy child. I've known her for awhile and she welcomes me when I arrive with a rub against my leg and a little "prrrt" sound. She's so sweet.

The weather is gorgeous. Not too humid, not too hot, lots of sun and a nice breeze today. I like this the best. I look forward to Fall. (I think it's the colours, too)

Sunday is our new daughter-in-law's 25th birthday. I had fun putting a little 'health' basket together for her. Beautiful organic cream, soaps, herbal tea, granola, an assortment of un-salted nuts and some vitamins for an active mom. There is nothing more important than her health. And finallly a book that tells short stories about mothers and daughters. Nice, light bed-time reading. I also made her a 'cat in window' birthday card.
We wish her a wonderful birthday this year.
Riley & Brit

Tomorrow it's tabby's galore.

hugs, Deb


  1. I am so happy for Mr Ed that Lily has warmed up to him again. Happy Birthday to your DIL, your basket of goodies sounds wonderful. Oh and that Smudge is a beauty!

  2. How nice that Mr Ed and Lily is furiends again :)
    I think Smudge is a really cute little lady !
    Me and mom wish Brit a Happy 25:th Birtday !!!
    Hip Hip Huray :)

  3. I am overjoyed to hear that the two kitty pals are still together. I can't bear the thought of his heart being broken again. If Lily dumps him this time, maybe you can find a lovely, sweet old gal who would like nothing better than to cuddle with Ed.
    Smudge is just so adorable! Look at the intensity of his eyes! And your photo of him is amazing! The blue background just sets off the lovely colour of his eyes and makes the markings of his beautiful fur just pop!
    Your gift for Brit sounds just perfect. If she doesnt like it, remember me! (Just kidding!) She'll love it!