Friday, August 12, 2011

James Taylor - "You Can Close Your Eyes"

There is no one on God's green earth that I love to hear sing more than this man. I loved his music since the '60's and knew every word to every song. I still do.
My good friend, Christine passed away a year ago February. We had many long talks during her last year and she told me that she wished she could do something really special for each and every one of her friends before she died.  For me....she wanted to have James play at my 6oth birthday party. Now, I knew this girl well and I bet you anything that if she could have afforded it that wish would have come true. The poor man just would not have had the strength to refuse this woman on a mission. I always smile when I think of her planning this special concert in her mind just for me.

I did get to see him last year in Toronto (second time)

and we did 'high five' as he was leaving. No picture of that of course because I had the camera.:(
So, I expect that he won't be at my 60th but I do plan to play his music and toast my dear friend, Chris.

Here's a little nostalgia. Have a listen.

Shhhhhhh......I peaked at these three before heading off to bed. As you can see, Lily & Mr. Ed are re-uniting.

hugs, Deb 


  1. What sweet memories of your friend and oh how sweet James Taylor is for sure. His voice and music moves me like no other. I have been lucky to see him once in concert but oh would I love to see him again. Glad to see the kitkats cuddling.

  2. I Love James Taylor also.

    Sweet memories. Even though she couldn't do what she wanted for you, she told her of her generous wish for you, and every time you hear him you will think of her.

  3. I hope James' music gives you comfort and keeps Christine alive in your heart always :-)

  4. Sweet and sad memories of your good friend.

  5. Lovely post, Deb. Thank you for sharing a special memory and helping Julie recall one of her favorite artists and all of those fresher, younger years.

    Have a good weekend.


  6. What a sweet post, Deb! I am also a HUGE fan of JT and know all his songs by heart! I first saw him in 1973 and he walked out on stage, kind of slouching as he walked, wearing rumpled brown corduroy pants and a dark green
    sweater...nothing but him, his guitar and a chair with the curtains closed behind him. I thought...This is the man I love?? Then he opened his mouth and started to sing and I said...This is the man I LOVE!!! lol Great memories! How fun for your sweet friend to want to give you that! She must have been really special! Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  7. What a happy way to remember your friend: have her friendship and the joy she brought you linked with Sweet Baby James and his amazing music.
    Oh goodness! There is a God in heaven ! Answered prayers abound! Lily has seen the error of her ways and has returned to the one who loves her most. I feel so relieved! I was worried beyond belief! Gotta go and offer some prayers of thanks!

  8. If you love JT, have you heard his brother, Livingston Taylor? He is great to see in person, puts on a real fun show. His music is like James, but more playful.

  9. "Sweet Baby James" I have always loved his songs too...his song "In My Mind I'm Going To Carolina" (that might not be the exact title) was special to me because there is a verse that says "Karen (in my case, Caren) is the silver sun you just walk her way and watch her shine" (or something to that effect!) Not many songs feature my name so that one was always special to me!