Wednesday, August 3, 2011


We have a new neighbour. She is quite a looker with one green and one baby blue eye. Her name is Calaus (short for Calausel)

                           "Welcome new neighbour. 
          May I just sit awhile and drink in your beauty?" I'll be YOUR favorite neighbour, if you let me.

A little update on Ed & Lily...
Lily is once again 'hanging out' with Ed although I have yet to see them cuddled up on the couch or in a basket together. I expect the warmer weather has something to do with that but there is something going on with Lily as she has taken up with lying on my husband in the evening which is very unlike her. I am watching her closely and I have given her a thorough combing to see if there are any changes on her body. She is eating fine and using the box correctly. Her coat looks fine and it's not her teeth as she too is toothless just like her once beloved Ed.  She is somewhere around 17 or 18 years old so goodness....should we even be questioning her 'attitude' and her right to shift gears whenever she wants? Oh the saga......where will it end?
BTW - the ferals are doing fine. There are 3 regulars and that's all I ever see.
hugs, Deb


  1. Your new neighbor is quite a beauty. I'm sure once she tastes your hospitality, she'll be a frequent visitor.

  2. I love that new neighbor cat! Beautiful eyes! Maybe Lilly is feeling a little cranky, I get that way also.

  3. Beautiful, elegant kitty! My white Persian angel kitty, Noah, was an odd eye: one gold and one blue. His gold eye couldn't save him from the blue eyed deafness but he never let it bother him. God love him!
    Thank goodness Lily has at least gone back to being around Ed! I am so glad that you are keeping watch over her. Several of my elderly kitties have pulled away from the things they formerly loved when their time was drawing near. This is why their break up has spooked me so.
    If it seems like I have lots of angel kitties, I do. Over the years, I have taken elderly cats from various rescues who wanted their oldsters to have a home before they died. It's wreaked absolute devistation on my finances and my heart but my life is full.