Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's worth it and that's that

It was hot today but the sun is not as intense as it has been. You can feel the Fall air now. It won't be long before the trees start to change. I look forward to this because I am a Fall lover.  
Kane & I took a walk along the water again after I was done my morning rounds.

Can you see the Canada Geese? They will be leaving soon for a warmer climate. I love to watch them leave in formation. It's just beautiful to see.

Kane is slowing down and his walks are shorter now. If it's hot we just stop and sit under a tree awhile. He is still healthy and happy and my vet says we should still have him a few years.
I love this old man

 A few years. Those three words bring tears to my eyes immediately. I can't imagine life without Kanie. Dogs just don't live long enough. I want him for my life-time and no less.

I can't take a picture of myself if my life depended on it. Until blogging we never did this and it's not easy. Obviously!  Kane takes great pictures but he wanted to be in them so ....sorry. Look at his cute little muzzle. He looks like me when I don't do the 'clairol' thing. :)
He's so funny now and drags me around like it's me that's getting walked. I pretty much just go wherever his snout takes him.

I'm pooped at night but it's a good feeling. All the cats are doing well in their homes. In total I have 13 cats I am caring for besides my own 4 plus Hugo (daughter's diabetic cat). Needlesstosay, I have planned NOTHING ELSE this week. My back is being abused from all the stooping and scooping, dish-filling and water-bowl refreshing. I told you this was a glamorous job. But the cuddles and the nuzzles,  the play-time and the grooming is what makes it all fun. The most fun I have had this week is with Dexter. No cat can chase a ball like this guy. I love what I do and I can't imagine doing anything else.

hugs, Deb


  1. Kane is the sweetest guy. I don't like to think of life without my Sweet Charlie either! Moving on.... Enjoy this weather and Fall will be here soon!

  2. I am sure you do it wonderfully, how great to do something you really love. Love the Kane boy..and you will not only have for this life but in the next life too. I look forward to that great day that i will walk into the next world and her will come all my pets that I have cared for and loved so much, bounding up to greet me. I believe it will be so. :D

  3. Awe, Kane is a cutie! :D Enjoy every day with him!

  4. Kane is a handsome guy with the sweetest expression.

  5. He IS the sweetest doggie, isn't he. You can see it in his eyes and smile! We can't wait to meet all of your kitty clients. It's a treat for us!

    Take care with your injured rib area. Mine bothered me for many months. When you get over tired all of your muscles fatigued too and can't compensate for the injured area. Rest when you can. What would all of the kitties do without you! Maybe you could get your able assistant (husband) to help with the toting and scooping.

  6. Kane is such a gorgeous dog...don't think of tomorrow...just enjoy today!

    Ahhh Canada Geese...we have TONS of them where I live...TONS!

    Fall is my favorite season also! I love the colors and the cool, crisp days. It is my absolute favorite!