Monday, August 8, 2011

World Cat Day

Today is WORLD CAT DAY....Nope, not kidding. Check it out humans with cats and you will see that this special day is the day set aside to HONOUR your cat. Well, I have to say that around this house our cats are pretty well 'honoured' every day so today won't be any different. But, if you are thinking that you should do one special little thing to make your cat feel very important today I would suggest serving breakfast in bed....YOUR bed. There's a good cat owner. ;-)
"Don't get up, Hugo. Breakfast is served"

I have the privilege of caring for Buddy again this week. Isn't he just gorgeous. 
I love ALL cats but a white cat will stop me in my tracks no matter where or what I'm doing. This fellow loves our grooming sessions (if you recall) and I always bring a magazine with me and I read and brush Bud until he falls asleep. Cutest thing ever. 
On my way home from Buddy's I saw another white cat just sitting on the sidewalk looking very much at home and quite full of himself. I stopped the car to watch him and see if he was ok.
He rolled, he tossed, he chewed some grass and then he slowly stood up and wandered up his driveway. 
I watched 'til his owner picked him up and carried him inside. 
I wish all the cats I find wandering or sitting on sidewalks had a good home to return to.

Thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes for my daughter, Jess 

It was very casual and lots of fun. We wish her a wonderful year ahead and hope that the last year of her '20's is one to remember. "Love ya, Jess"

Now.....go spoil that cat of yours.
hugs, Deb


  1. Charlie is spoiled every day but I will give him an extra treat today! He is the best friend I could ever have.

  2. Aunty Deb,
    Mama took leave so that she can spoil us rotten at home today, she said. What more can we ask for than Mama's company? Yummy looking cake there...Happy Birthday Jess! purrrrr *giggles*

  3. Dear Deb, Happy World Cat Day !!!!
    and Breakfast in bed is awesome, it leave some fishy smell on the pillow : )

  4. I always miss this until I start reading the blogs and then I find out--a bit too late for a cat post now but I always honor my cats. Yea for all the cats of the world--MEOW!

  5. Belated happy birthday wishes to Jess (glad she had a fabulous day!) and a very happy World Cat Day to all!

    Hmm, we think we should insist on breakfast in our beds....

  6. No wonder I woke up happy today:D I LOVE THOSE KITTIES!! My cat too feels like each day is in her honor, but a little extra spoiling today will be allowed:D. Your desserts and your daughters are lovely and the pic of the 3 of you is beautiful. I love white kitties and especially callies. I wish they all had owners to come scoop them up too:(! Blessed Monday, Sue and Rosie...who are enjoying a cool down here in Mich :D

  7. Happy Birthday to your daughter.

    My cats are so spoiled it isn't even funny. I have one that nibbles on my legs and ankles while I'm in the kitchen cooking. She'll go over to the treat cabinet and open the door and then come back to me and nibble. Yes, sooner or later I stop what I'm doing and I give her a treat. Yes, I know that reinforces the behavior but it hurts when she nibbles and she stops when I give her a treat. So every day is World Cat Day here! I'm caring for 12 right now. I wish people would spay and neuter their pets!

  8. Ooh! We see a slice of classic birthday cake and a lovely fruit tart! If there's any left overs, they could do double duty for a world cat day celebration! Just you and the hubby, pretty plates delicious tea and the afternoon breeze celebrating the fur kids of the world. Treats for the kitties too, of course.
    Hope Jess enjoyed her special day.

  9. Happy World Cat Day and Happy Birthday to your daughter too!

  10. Happy World Cat Day!! We think if we had to live anywhere else we'd chose to live with you.

  11. Happy World cat day and oh how lovely are you pictures of the birthday. Happy smiling photo's just the thing.. Hugs GJ xx

  12. Happy World Cat Day!


    Loved your idea of serving the kitties in bed today, sooo sweet!

    Isn't it a coincidence that you were caring for a white cat and then you were driving and saw a white cat on the sidewalk? I rarely see them and you saw TWO! Wonder if it is some kind of sign? (a good one of course!)

    Loved seeing Jess's birthday photos as well as the delicious looking desserts!! Yum!