Wednesday, August 24, 2011

No breaks for Mothers

Zeus is coming along but the little fella is still at the clinic. Shelly will bring him home tomorrow and she has asked me to look in on him on Friday while she has a break from home. I'm happy to do that.

Well...once a mother..always a mother. My son broke his hand last night. The doctor said the break is very bad and hard to set so he is in a cast for now and they will look at it in 2 weeks to decide whether he needs to have surgery. He was injured during a soccer game and it is his right hand and he is right-handed. Boo.....
He sounded so frustrated already tonight and of course he drives a standard car so his wife will have to give him her car and she'll be having to make up for his disability.  Riley won't have any pick-me-up's from daddy for awhile. So I'm being a normal mom and I'm really worried about his hand healing properly. Being a mom does not get easier when your children become adults. I think it gets harder because problems can be more serious. OK...deep breath...stay positive.

The spare room has an extra piece of furniture in it now and I've been playing with dishes tonight.

 I moved the pine desk from the dining-room and I'll use it to store linens and extra dishes. A place for my mis-matched dishes, a little bit of everything.
I can make anything a china cabinet. You know....think outside the box.

My new 'love' is to mix and match tea-cups and saucers.
Match up the colours but have different patterns.

It was a warm, Fall-like day today and the cats really enjoyed their morning nap outside on the screened-in deck.
They'll wonder where their room went come winter. But then, the wood-stove magically turns on and they hog that all day and night so they'll get over their deck pretty quick. Ah.....a cat's life! 
Hope your weather is nice. I'm just lovin' this.

hugs, Deb


  1. Deb I am so sorry for your sons broken hand. I know what you mean about being a Mom forever. I hope it heals without surgery. My Son in laws broken ankle is healing but he is still hobbling. Glad to hear Zeus is doing better. Hang in there!

  2. So sorry about your son's hand. You are so right M says - the bigger the child, the bigger the problems and worries. We do hope dat hand heals well without surgery.

  3. Prayers for your son's hand to heal speedily and properly! Thanks for the warning as mine are 17,15, and 11...but somehow I figured it was a lifelong contract to worry over them:D. Prayers for your D-in-L too as I know what it is like to have a hubby healing...mine was down with a deadly blood infection all summer and we almost lost him so there was lots of extras for me and the boys to do...really appreciate what he does now!! YEY for Zeus! I have that kitty in the dress and hat tea pot too...great kitty collectors think alike:D LOVE all your goodies and you certainly repurpose furniture well!! Take care! You and your son have had a rough season....lots of Vit D now to heal those bones! Love from Sue and Rosie.

  4. Hi Deb !
    In Sweden we have a saying that goes = Small children is small truble and big children is big truble :)
    We hope your sons broken hand will heal OK without surgery !
    The cat´s are looking so comfy outside on the porch :)
    Here in Sweden it´s beginning to be autumn and I have been out picking some Blackberries today :)

  5. Your poor son. Hand injuries are a bear! Painful and annoying. You may need to remind him to be compliant withthe doctors orders. The temptation to use the broken hand is just too great.
    Thank god Zeus is doing better. We have been praying hard for him. When he comes home you ladies will work your magic with him. Maybe you will find love at first sight with him. You said you might enjoy a kitten.......

  6. Sorry about your son!!!
    I´m sending purrrrs for you!