Wednesday, August 24, 2011

High note on Hugo

The day started off on a high note. Hugo did not need insulin.
                                                              Lion wannabee

 His numbers were lower than normal so that means he gets a morning off from an injection. This has been happening quite a bit lately and we are hoping that it means he will soon need only 1  injection instead of  2  injections daily. Our target is to get him off this insulin altogether. Isn't he a cute fella?

Then off to visit Ebony and pick up more keys for this coming weekend. Got some cute ones to care for.

Last night Shelly called me and one of her foster cats needed to be rushed in to the vet's clinic. He was showing signs of urinary obstruction and was showing blood when he tried to pee. He is there now and will stay another day for observation. Poor Shelly...this costs a lot and money is tight for all the rescues. He is only a year old and already has health issues. Poor fella. He needs to get healthy and find his forever home.

So good thoughts for Zeus & Hugo would be appreciated.

hugs, Deb


  1. Well we hope hugo gets to the point where he doesnt need shots! Our human just had some shots in her MOUTH last week, and they are still hurting her! :[ And purrs for your friend at the vet!

  2. Sending many good and healthy thoughts for Hugo and Zeus! I know when Charlie has had a couple of health issues it is expensive and also so hard to see your kitties hurting. hugs, Linda

  3. Oh Deb! This is the most wonderful news! I am so happy for Hugo! You really do work magic! Can you tell us what you've done for him? We know that he radiates happiness in your care, that is for sure. All of my kitties will get treats in your honour!
    He really is a love! Beautiful with lovely markings and a inquisitive, intelligent ,sweet face. I hope you home becomes his forever home because you are able to give this boy a new lease on a longer, healthier life. What you have been able to accomplish is frequently not possible even with all the love in the world. But you did it! YOU did it!

  4. I hope Hugo will be off insulin very soon.
    So sorry to hear about Shelly's foster kitty. I hope he gets well be ok.

  5. Poor sweeties! They're so pretty and regal.

  6. You've got your hands full! But it seems you always do. I'm glad you have time for an occasional donut break, and a visit to me! Thank you very much. Wishing the best for your kittos!

  7. Good healthy thoughts for both kits..
    Hugo is a looker, for certain.

  8. We are very pleased for Hugo - we will cross our paws tightly he can go on one - or less!!!- injections a day. And also we are hoping the best for Zeus, poor lad x

  9. Isn't it amazing how you can see the large feline and little feline characteristics in each other! Very King-like!
    xo Catherine