Saturday, August 13, 2011

"Oh no--did anyone call the cat-sitter?"


I'm feeling a bit like this today. 

I already had a busy week scheduled for next and now the phone is ringing off the hook and emails are arriving with urgency....."I NEED YOU..well actually my cat needs you. Are you available?...please say yes."
These are the folks who leave the kitty's arrangement to the last minute. I really don't mind though. I know what its' like to get ready for a holiday so I understand the last minute stuff but I am only one cat-sitter so when the day is's full. I do need to spend a fair amount of time with each cat and I won't have it any other way. So next week I will be the Mary Poppin's of the Cat World, flittin' from one house to the next. At this time, I am doing up the client board in the office, filling in the calendar, filling up the cat-bag, and picking up or having keys delivered.
This is an old photo...I know it's 2011 :) 
I am happy to brush or comb the cat. If the cat likes to be groomed it helps us bond quicker.

I'll get all my own things done this weekend so next week will just be all about the cats. Tomorrow is dinner out. God knows, it may be awhile before I see a real meal again. When it's this busy I brown bag it.

Maybe I'll just take a lesson from Smudge and have a snooze today in preparation.
Just try and move me.

hugs, Deb


  1. Deb I always say it, you are AMAZING and those kitties are all so lucky to have you!
    Please, please move to Michigan! :)

    The first photo was just hilarious!

  2. Deb you love it but you will be exhausted when the week is over.

  3. We just love your blog. it's easy to see why you are in such HOT demand. If we lived closer to you,we'd be ringing your phone too.

  4. Smudge is a very smart fellow! Even un-busy days are better if one is well rested. Somewhere along the line, we've come to think of resting as a character flaw than a means to being even more productive.

  5. Cute photos and kitties. Smudge has the right idea.
    Have a great Sunday,

  6. You are gonna be so full of kitty luvvins next week, such a hard life...NOT! I wonder if you'll have to share your lunch?

  7. I hope you lived in Georgia so I can ask you to take care of my kitties when I'm not home. I'm sure they will love you!

  8. The kitty's and people are so blessed to have you as their cat sitter.......
    Your photography is always beautiful!!!

  9. Love your blog and all of the wonderful photos!! Thanks for stopping by my blog today :). Wish we lived closer! Purrs, Carrie

  10. Oh but Deb, that's just terrific they know who to call. It's terrific people at all consider having their cats looked after at home. I'm sure you carry a bag just like Mary Poppins with endless supplies of goodies and toys and that you'll be spreading some sweet magic around. And I just love you for not compromising on the time that each cat needs. It's almost as if one might just not bother at all unless they're each given some quality time.
    P.S. Thanks as always for your sweet words on GLP

  11. What a great job that would be--a cat sitter! I would love visiting a bunch of cats. How many clients do you have? Do you cat-sit every day?

  12. Hey! Saw you on life from a cats perspective and thought we come and say hi! Look forward to great posts! :D

  13. These pics are amazing! I love these kind of clicks!

    Hope you can done this week fast!!!


  14. How are you surviving, Ms. Poplins? Like poster "Gods little people" said, it is so wonderful that you will never compromise the time and care each cat needs.
    In one of the Harry Potter books, they talk about doing what is right or doing what is easy. We know you will always do what is right.

  15. Cat sitting is not common in Malaysia. Could you write a post about 6 things you need to do before doing this sort of job? Like do you need insurance? And should you write a contract that says that if the house is burgled, it's not your fault???