Thursday, August 18, 2011

a veg dinner

Ed looks bored but he actually loves to watch me cook. I was on my own tonight so I gathered up all that I could find from mine and friend's gardens. I had yellow zucchini, peppers, tomato, kale, onion & many herbs from my little sad herb garden. I made this...It was scrumpdillyishus. NO MEAT!

Then I went searching for Hugo to give him his dinner and his insulin and I found this....
 I don't remember leaving this open. Could he have super powers?

hugs, Deb


  1. Deb the only thing I would change on your delicious looking meal (if I were making it) is I would use whole wheat pasta. Other than that it looks FABULOUS!!! Yum!!

    Oh and ALL cats have super powers (as you well know!)

    That photo is great!

  2. Hi Deb .. I have been starting my day at work lately by reading your blog and it always brings a smile to my face (and now and then a tear). Thanks for being so amazing!
    Your dinner looks yummy by the way .. I love this time of year - my tomatoes are ripening as we speak.

  3. Kitty's just seem to like cute....

  4. Well first of all, my human says YUM! Shes got a weird thing for food and cooking, and cooknig shows.. i dont get it..

    And HOW DID HE GET IN THERE?!?! If you figure it out, tell us, so we can get in places.. I mean, stay out of them.......

  5. OH YES...if there's a drawer there's a way :D!!! YUMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEE on that dinner gal!! Hugs, Rosie and Sue in Mich

  6. Squeeeeeee! Adorable Ed! Kiss, kiss!
    Have you checked Hugo's little front paws lately? He may be growing thumbs!
    Love to all!

  7. Your dinner looks very yummy ~ and so healthy!

    Love kitty in the dresser drawer ~ super kitty powers to be sure! :)

    xo Catherine