Monday, August 1, 2011

Some take time

 All cats are possessed of a proud spirit.

August has entered with sunshine and warm breezes. It is beautiful today and the cats are lazing on the deck. I am just back from the little sleepy town of Almonte after taking care of 3 kitties in one home. Two live indoors and one lives out. The one outside is feral (of course) and only comes close to eat and drink water.

My job is to be sure he gets both daily for this week. I have other plans. I want him to get to trust me so I'll be working on that.

"Oh, hello there."  It seems there is another cat that wants me to know he is in the area and looking for some attention. This is the neighbour's cat and he is a little cuddle-bug. "Don't eat Parry's food"  I tell him. He just hones in for another rub-down. 

Look at those paws. He's a polydactyl cat

Back home Ed & Sierra are hanging out and Lily just 'vants to be alone'
I gave her a good combing last night looking all over for any signs of distress but all looks good. I think she's just fickle. I told her that Ed's still 'got it' and won't be waiting around for her. She doesn't care.

It was my last visit with Twinkle this morning. I feel we really made great strides the last few days. He was a huge challenge but this morning he let me pet him all over and took his last bit of treats from my hand and never hissed at me once. It was all about making him feel that he was in control so that he would feel safe. Giving him lots of time, a token of treats and just sitting quiet helped him calm down. I took the smallest baby-steps I have ever taken with a cat and it worked. It took 4 days.
My goodness he is a handsome boy. He is a tabby Siamese mix.

hugs, Deb


  1. I do enjoy your posts. You certainly have a way with cats. Our Bob is missing and my heart is hurting. He was a stray who adopted us four years ago. We couldn't insist that he become an indoors cat. We knew the risk but had to let him decide. I miss him...but perhaps he will turn up, scratching at the screen to come inside.
    Thanks for letting me share my woe.

  2. Deb, you out to print a book with all these beautiful cat photo's! I had a polydactyl cat once, loved him so much! :D

  3. Cats do indeed seem to have their share of 'self worth' don't they? I guess that's what makes them so special to us! :)

    Happy Evening Deb!
    xo Catherine

  4. I love Dominique's black "smudge" lol, looks like someone got black magic marker on her face! So cute!

  5. Beautiful header Deb! Cats are very proud, I have several around here, I have no clue who owns them. But they are great company. Thank you for following.
    Lots of hugs Rosemary...X

  6. Because you are such a good pet sitter, I'll be you are in "HOT" demand too. Any kitty dat gets you as a sitter is one very lucky kitty.

  7. I have no doubt you'll have that feral kitty tamed before the week is out. And I love Dominique's markings.

  8. Those polydactyl feet! So cute, like litte hands.
    I always thought I was good at getting shy or reclusive cats to come out of their shell but, Deb, I think you're better! You really get good responses in remarkably short times. We bow to the queen of kitty whisperers.
    Your photos are beautiful. But not only beautiful, you manage to capture the personality, the essence, of the cat as well. Twinkle shows as much depth of personality and character in his photo as I have seen in many famous human portraits. Is there still yet another carreer path in the offing?
    Still praying that Lily comes to her senses and returns to darling Ed. At his age, the loss of his partners love could send him on a downward spiral! What IS wrong with that silly girl?