Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sometimes you need more than calming tea

My nerves are a little shattered today. The way some cats are treated just blows my mind. This abandoned cat's future wears on me and our local shelter is now turning away people because they are beyond full. 

I walked by this morning and took these pictures of him on his temporary deck.
He's a very handsome boy. He seems to be quite happy with the accommodations he has been given so we will just work hard now to find him a permanent home. I don't think it will take long...hoping anyway.

Another issue I am dealing with is Hugo's numbers have been higher than usual when we test his blood sugar. This is really a mind-boggler and I feel like we are not getting anywhere with this health issues. It looked good for awhile and then wham...numbers shot up.He seems happy and jolly and comfortable and loving but he is not getting better.  I really want to get him leveled and hopefully down to one injection a day before he goes back to his original home. Oh well, I'll carry on and drink lots of herbal teas. :)

It's a nice day today. Lots of sunshine. Ed joined Gary in the yard this morning while he worked.
Ed's favorite spot is to lie on this plank and bask in the sunshine. He'll model his new collar for you later. Right now, he's busy.

I'm off to visit Buddy & Eb. This is Ebony's last day with cat-care. I told her last night that she just had one more sleep before mom & dad would be home. Then, I corrected myself and said  OK! You're a cat....8 more sleeps. :)

Have a great day. Drink some tea and relax. I'm gonna try. My dog and I are going for a walk.


  1. Deb, I hope Hugo will be better soon - it must be quite distressing when you don't know the cause of his numbers going up. As for the gorgeous abandoned cat it is just infuriating how someone can abandon their friend like this. I know from the time I volounteered in a cat shelter just how depressed it can make a cat to get abandoned and I find it so sad the seeming indifference people do it with. With absolute no thought for the little soul inside. I do so hope he finds a lasting and loving home - looks like he so deserved it. xo

  2. Hi Deb, Your Hugo looks just like my Babaje that we lost last fall. Someone dropped off two kittys a few weeks ago. (we live in the country) Less than 1 year old. We feed them and have managed to tame the girl and she is a sweetie. Of course she was pregnant so we now have 2 little babies and we are keeping them all. They will have a great home here as we love cats. Our inside boy is so territorial he will not allow another cat in the house but that's OK. We have a great big garage where they can feel safe and get out of the weather. Keep up the good work.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  3. What a precious cat...if I didn't live on the other side of the planet (or so it seems)...I'd scoop him up...cats are precious to us...just ask my herd of 5...

    Hope you find a home for him soon..


  4. I back up to an apartment complex and I've now got 12 cats! There's a feral colony nearby and I think they might all have had their origins when people moved away and left them. I'll try and catch the latest two and have them fixed soon. I'm just waiting for the weather to cool's been over 100 for days. The low cost place I take them to in order to have them fixed now limits it to the first five ferals to arrive each day. That's going to make it very difficult since the place is a half hour drive from here. I hope I don't catch one and then have to let it loose after I drive down there and find mine is the sixth one of the day! If people would only spay and neuter their pets and be responsible pet owners. I think there are people that love animals and would give them good homes, but even the low cost spay and neuter is $45 for a female and $30 for a male. It's got to be free or a lot less than that for many people.

  5. Mom say´s he sure is a handsome boy , but we do live on the other side of our planet so we can´t take him home :(
    Hope that Hugos sugarlevels will be better soon !!! So he just have to take one shot a day.
    Ed lookes really comfy out in the sun.
    Here in south Sweden we had rain and thunder most of the day :(

  6. That abandoned boy has such beautiful blue eyes! I'm hoping hard that someone will offer him a forever home.

    Of course it shouldn't only be the pretty cats who have homes, I'm fostering three black and white kittens who are having a hard time getting chosen. Apparently black and white are not popular colours.

  7. He is a handsom boy, I dont think you will have much trouble finding a permanent home for him! And we hope hugos numbers get under control soon!

  8. Oh Deb and Hugo seemed to be doing so well. Hopefully he will level off again. That sweet cat will surely find a home...he is gorgeous! Enjoy your walk with Kane!

  9. Yes indeed ~ it does sound like a day for a couple of cups of tea.
    xo Catherine

  10. Oh he is so handsome with these beautiful blue eyes. I hope he will find forever home very soon.

  11. Carolyn & the Blues BrothersAugust 31, 2011 at 8:11 PM

    This is often the fate of the larger city animal shelters, and especially so during kitten season. :(
    Thanks to your blog, maybe someone nearby will see him on his blog and decide he's the perfect one. Sending good energy to Hugo.

  12. Sending good vibrations to the handsome boy!!!

  13. People can be so wishes for Hugo! He is a cutie! Thanks for stopping by to visit! I will be back again soon :)

  14. I hope Hugo gets his blood sugar sorted out soon, and also that that BEAUTIFUL cat finds a forever home. I wish all neglected and abandoned animals could find the love and shelter they so deserve. I'm glad you are a friend to the cats!

  15. The abandoned kitty reminds me so much of two very special kitties in my life who have crossed the bridge. My heart just aches! It's like seeing them alive again. Goodness, I'm starting to cry.
    Could Hugo have gotten into some snacks or treats meant for someone else? Found some tasty morsels hidden by another kitty? Diabetes is a toughie! But we have faith.

  16. Hello Deb! I absolutely love your blog! How is Hugo doing? I am an animal lover as well! I've even become a vegan because of it! I really admire your work :)

    Another passion of mine is tea! And although there are times, nothing seems to calm us down, a little silence and a cup of tea can do wonders for you!

    I really enjoy drinking Longjing tea, also known as Dragon Well. This Chinese green tea is rich in antioxidants and it has an important amino acid called L-Theanine, which allows you to feel calmer, yet focused, throughout the day!

    It's a wonderful tea. Healthy and tasty! Hope you try it!