Monday, August 8, 2011

Office cat

Since Ginny passed away I have really missed having the company of a cat in the office while I work. Ginny was such a presence and would sit on my lap while I typed and stroked her at the same time. I really miss her and tonight I was remembering what her fur felt like and how the sound of her purr would fill the room. Of course, I thought about our last day together, too.
For now, I have a 'temporary' office cat and that's fine with me. I was hoping someone might find the office a  little more comfy and make it a daily sleeping spot. Hugo is happy to test drive the old wash-stand to see if it is sleep-worthy. It certainly was a great spot to spin the head over cat-nip. :) He loves the stuff. The office will be painted again soon but for now I am enjoying his daily visits.

Hugo looks a little thin now because he lost weight before being diagnosed with diabetes but he is doing fine and eating normally again. When first diagnosed we noticed him eating too much, drinking too much water and peeing too often. Those are the tell-tale signs. He is only getting 1 unit of insulin twice a day (that's very little) and our vet tells us that he may beat this and be off insulin totally with the help of a good low-carb diet. He is such a sweet addition to our home. I am loving every minute with him.

He has owl eyes
Ever feel like you're being watched?
hugs, Deb


  1. He sure does have owl eyes...very beautiful. I just love it when I go into an office or store and they have a resident cat there..makes it feel warm! ;D

  2. Your home is beautiful and Hugo is a marvellous feature! :)

  3. Oh I love Hugo's face! I know you are enjoying having him visit you in the office.

  4. I love places with cats. I feel good!!!

  5. Haha ~ yup ~ sometimes those eyes burn a hole right through your face in the middle of the night when you are getting the 'wake up and feed me' stare. Cute!
    xo Catherine

  6. Hugo is such a cutie patootie! I know how it is to miss your kitty friend. I had to have my Bear put to sleep in April. I just tended to his resting place today and miss him so much. It's sometimes hard to sleep at night without him. He would always lay on my arm to sleep. You have a dream job.....that's what I want to do when I grow up.

  7. I don't know if I was visiting your blog when Ginny passed, but I see from your sidebar that she was 23! Wow that is a good long life but you must miss her terribly. Did you have her from a kitten?

    Hugo has an adorable face :-)

  8. Hi Deb! Aww what a sweet kitty and I LOVE those owl eyes. Isn't it nice the way Hugo loves your washstand almost as much as you do ;) I'm sorry to read that you're missing your looks like Hugo will be happy to keep you company in the office too. Thanks for stopping by today...I'm glad you liked seeing my 'things' again. Have a wonderful week!
    Maura :)

  9. It's hard not to shed a tear when you tell us how your memories of Ginny come flooding back. She did have a wonderful long life, didnt she?
    Hugo is a wonderful canidate for office cat. With those expressive, luminous eyes, he is the perfect cat companion to talk to whilst getting your paper work done. He'd listen, really listen, and understand! Please give him a big kiss from us. Can you fill us in on the Ed / Lily saga?
    P.S. Your cat photos are beautiful!

  10. Hugo is a lovely boy. Cats are such wonderful company.

  11. That would be great if Hugo could get off the insulin! He is certainly good company for you! That's so neat Ginny would stay on your lap while you typed--Manny lays on the chair right next to me when I'm at the computer so I pet him on and off as my fingers free up when I read.