Tuesday, August 9, 2011

No Visitors Please

Sierra here.HAH HAHAAHAHAHA! Sorry...can't help myself. Newsflash from Deb on the home-front.

Our poor dog Kane got skunked tonight after his walk. We came home and a skunk had found his way onto our back deck which is where our very courageous, doofus of a dog found the skunk. He was sprayed in the face, mostly his eyes and mouth. He came flying back into the house rubbing his face on the wooden floor. I noticed his eyes were shut. Oh my God, I started to freak out. (I do that well)  We scrubbed his face immediately with warm water and worked on the eyes until he was able to open them then put him into the tub. I took a wet, warm cloth and washed out his mouth once we had his eyes open and seeming ok. We bathed him all over. Once out and looking ok I offered him food to try to rid him of the taste. He did eat a bit and eventually drank water. Lordy Lou.....all this in 10 minutes. I stayed up with him for hours to be sure he was ok. He is but he is awfully quiet. Looks like a dog that's been scolded. Poor old guy.  In 10 years this is the 4th time he's been skunked. He's not a quick learner in this department but to be fair I do believe he was trying to protect us. Now we'll just die from the stink.
My house smells to high heaven and will for some time.  For now, NO VISITORS PLEASE. 
hugs, Deb


  1. Oh, no! Poor Kane! Poor you! Do any of the home remedies like tomato juice work? Shaving off all his fur? LOL.

    Good luck!

  2. Poor Kane! The worst we have to contend with is fox poo and dead deer.

  3. Oh my heck...poor dog! Those naughty skunks always win don't they. Our dog Cougar learned, when he was two he would keep going after the skunk, thought for sure he could get it he just rolls and rubs in the grass really hard and then goes into the river. It is a horrid smell!!! ;}

  4. glad that smell doesn't get shared through the blog!

  5. Poor Kane that got sprayed by a Skunk :(
    and poor you that have to smell it for day´s in your house :(
    We don´t have Skunk´s in Sweden bit I´ve heard that they smell just sooo bad !!!

  6. Oh no! Poor Kane. I've heard that tomato juice cuts the smell. I'm just glad Kane is OK!

  7. oh HAHAHAHAHAHAH! We is laffin w/Miss Sierra. Poor Kane though. Skunks = Kane's Bane. Oh dear, hope you all have enough nose plugs! Whenever I smell a skunk it always reminds me of super strong coffee for some reason.

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan
    That Woman

  8. Poor Kane. Look at that face. Sometimes being brave is not rewording at all!
    I'm glad he's fine.

  9. Oh dear dear poor Kane... yikes!!
    I think he's got such a good heart that he just simply believes in the best of others and that they won't behave badly again(a skunk surely wouldn't do that to me again??). He's got such a darling face.
    Hope that smell will be gone soon :-)
    - and thanks for your sweet words about Rosie.

  10. OHHHHH I am dying from the cuteness of his face!!!! That sweet Sheltie face! Nothing like the eyes of a Sheltie.

    Poor Kane!! He does look good as new...poor YOU!!!


  11. Poor baby! Those awful stinky skunks.

  12. Oh, Kane! You are a good boy who is loved for your courage!
    Darn old skunk anyway...

  13. Ugh, poor Kane. My former sheltie got tagged once by a skunk - it was quite the ordeal and no matter what we tried his little head still held a faint smell for weeks, right on his kissy spot between his eyes.

    This too shall pass...

  14. We had a major skunk problem when we lived in San Diego. Both dogs got skunked but the worst thing was that they would go under the house as they were letting loose with their scent and the house and everything in it would smell for days!!


  15. O, poor doggie. I just hate skunk smells. uggg

  16. Oh Kane...hugs, anyway. You're worth it!

  17. Even skunked he looks like a little doll. He is so photogenic Deb.
    Thanks for stopping in. It's been awhile hasn't it?
    The girls left Sat. night and it seems to have been raining ever since. The sky is crying. While they were here it was a perfect 10 days of sunshine.
    Hope your enjoying everything despite the smell : (

  18. Poor pup! No 'smelly goodness' at your house I don't think. ;)

    Hope the smell leaves soon Deb!
    xo Catherine

  19. Poor Kane doggie! No one deserves to be skunked! ( Unless they tried to hurt the skunk.). Did your mum give you the tomato juice treatment?
    Many years ago, an associate of mine had a skunk crawl into her clothes dryer vent and spray! Catastrophe!
    Hope your day improves from here.

  20. Poor Kane...... the same thing happened to our dog years ago. It seems like it took forever to rid our house of the awful/sickening smell.