Sunday, August 7, 2011

cake plates

Cake and coffee will be served at our home today after a hardy breakfast out. Jessica aka Jess is celebrating her 29th birthday so I'm pulling out some of my favorite dishes. I'm also dusting, polishing, vacuuming., and doing laundry in between.

I just know there are some dishaholics like me out there in blogland who appreciate looking at dishes.
"Oops"....first put the cats out on the closed-in deck as they are snoopy and love to get into mischief when I am in the dining-room.  Cupboards with open doors are like a magnet to them. A treasure hunt in their minds and they love checking out the dishes.
                                  "Pffffft"..only if there's food in them"
Ice cream bowls & my mom's cutlery

Cake means lots of plates so out come the small ones

Something to put the cake on  

I'll fill the odd-shaped bowl with fruit or chocolate. Probably chocolate :)
Once again, wasn't fast enough for Lily

"Let's go see what nosey knows"
It is so hot but the sun is gorgeous and I love how it brightens up the room.
So we are ready for cake. "Happy Birthday dear daughter"

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday, too.
hugs, Deb


  1. Happy birthday to your sweet daughter , Deb
    I like the birdy plates, so cute !!!

  2. Your dishes are so lovely Deb! I'm thinking the cake is going to taste extra yummy! Photos please! :)

    Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!
    xo Catherine

  3. Happy birthday to your daughter! We are new to your blog and look forward to lots of great posts!

  4. Thanks for sharing the Birthday excitement! What a loverly daughter you have!
    Enjoy your time with family.

  5. Just found your lovely blog through Cat Chat. I share your passion for cats---and dishes! Except I live in a small NYC apartment and have little storage space. I am an artist with lively 3 cats. I create cat art cards and prints with my 3 felines as subjects. If you have a moment please take a look at my art work in my Etsy shop

    I wish you and your daughter a beautiful day!

  6. Happy Birthday to Jess! What a cutie she is. My youngest is also 29....where do the years go? If I open a cabinet Charlie is right there also, curiosity for sure. Love those cute bird plates! hugs, Linda

  7. Beautiful daughter, LOVE the bird plates and yep, a curious cat will find a way everytime! Have a wonderful day celebrating with your family with that gorgeous china and accessories!Sue and Rosie

  8. Happy Birthday to your daughter, she sure is pretty and looks like her mother.

    Pretty dishes...... and I love the pictures of your snoopy kitty....

  9. Our friend Caren sent us and so glad she did. I used to live in Toronto (founded the Annex Cat Rescue) but now live outside NYC with four cats including my old Canadian Siamese boy. We have much in common. Come visit. And Happy birthday to your lovely daughter.

  10. OMG, those BIRD plates are the BOMB~!!!!

    Happy Birthday to your darling daughter. That picture of her and Sierra is just adorable & I bet one of your faves. So much love all in one shot!

    There is nothing like dining on gorgeous plates and polished silver! So very elegant!

    Ms. Stella's Woman

  11. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter!!
    These plates look very pretty. I hope everyone had a great day!!

  12. When I started reading your post, "Cake and coffee will be served at our home today..." I thought, wow! I wish I lived near you!

    What a delight to see you get all the best out to celebrate your daughter! Nothing held back when it comes to celebrating such a important person and a wonderful occasion! Enjoy the party!!

  13. Own! What a lovely blog!!!
    Congratulations to Jess.
    We´re from Brazil, and love to know all the cats and catlovers in the world.
    A big hug and good party!


    She is sooo pretty and looks so much like you! She has your smile for sure!

    Am I the only one who is beyond partial to the colorful, stained-glass looking ice cream bowls? OMC I am just crazy about them!

    Please save me a piece of cake, I'll be right over! Don't get scared, I'm a little too far way but not overly far! :)

  15. Gorgeous plates, and even more gorgeous kitties!

  16. You have some pretty dishes...I treasure my cat bowl I got from you! Tour daughter is a great beauty! :D

  17. Our friend Cody over at Cat Chat told us all about your blog and so we thought we would come over and say "hi"!
    You have some very lovely dishes and we agree about presentation.
    Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter.

  18. Why does birthday cake taste extra yummy when it's beautifully served? Enjoy your wonderful day and lovely celebration. Love to all.

  19. Wow! Your gorgeous dishes and bowls will turn me into a dishaholic!

  20. We hope Jess had a great birthday and enjoyed some sweet treats on those lovely dishes.

  21. Nice blog! We love the cats being into everything. And Happy Birthday to your daughter.