Thursday, July 19, 2012

Audrey here...

"The old geezers at this house won't play with me."

"They just stare at me and sometimes hiss. Even my mom is useless. 
They say I'm too NUTS."

"Do I look nuts to you?"
"Debbie, I'm bored."
"Oh pipe down, Audrey. Your' sister's coming tomorrow to stay 3 days so you'll have plenty to do. Meanwhile, I am putting away all breakables and plants within a mile radius. I'm also trying to find those blasted ear-plugs so I can get some sleep in the next 72 hours.

"I have to make plans"
and get rested up. And maybe have a manicure. Deb, sharpen these up, will ya"
"Oh, I'm so excited. The old saps will hate her, it'll be great."

 "I'll wait here"

for Ruby.


  1. Audrey is so stunning...part siamese?
    Jane x

  2. Don't know who the daddy was. When I picked up the mom and three kittens at the shelter they had been brought in from a house where the owners had a foreclosure on their home and just left leaving behind 25 cats and 4 dogs. Sad but unfortunately all too common these days.

  3. What fun! Audrey will get to hang with her sister, just like old times! Can't wait to see the pictures of all their good times!!

  4. Seeing those beautiful cats makes me miss the four I had several years ago. I now have four sweet but mischiefvious dogs. Your job is very interesting. I'm sure you have lots of stories you could tell. I have a feature each Friday which allows a guest to post about their pets. So far we have only had features on dogs. I would be so pleased if you would write something about your job and the cats you care for. I would link back to you and promote your blog. If you are interested, contact me and we will schedule a Friday for your feature. I am glad I found your blog because I love animals and enjoy blogs which showcase them. The guest blogger for this Friday's feature has a cute post. Take a look if you have time.--------- Shannon

  5. Such a vocal cat...and a little bossy, but then what cat isn't! XOXO

  6. Hope you and rubes have lots of fun Miss Audrey. It must be hard living with a bunch of old age cats. Run round - go crazy.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  7. My little Kitty gets so bored all day, when I get home from work she wants attention all evening! Quite exhausting! I keep telling my other half she needs a kitten to play with......

  8. Have a super good time visiting with your sister!! Fun!
    xo Catherine

  9. Oh, poor cute cat!!! I´m going to play with you!!!! ;-)
    Have a nice weekend!!!!

  10. Deb I hope YOU are rested up for the antics of Audrey and Ruby!! Oh my she is a cutie! Hugs, Linda

  11. Our little lioness should be delighted with her sisters visit. I have to say, Audrey has the most expressive face ever. She'd be perfect in cat food commercials.
    Happy day to all.

  12. This is just way too adorable...What a pretty cat you have..I love her grey coat...thanks for the smile this morning...and your sweet comments you left me the other day. xoxxo

  13. Oh Deb, Thanks for making my day! I love it when your cats talk. Good luck in getting sleep and not having too much destruction! Becky

  14. =) I hope Audrey isn't the only one who has fun.
    Looking forward to hearing, and seeing, kitty antics.

  15. Stupendous photos of the cats today.

  16. I'm wondering if they'll remember one another...
    Your pictures are always amazing!

  17. I love beautiful Audrey. If you put her and Emily in a house together, total destruction would ensue... :)