Saturday, January 8, 2011

Another calming product for nervous cats

Another product for nervous cats is called Feliway. This is a synthetic pheromone given off when cats are happy (from rubbing their cheeks). This was the product used on Willow not the Nutrivet (my mistake) that I posted yesterday. They seem to both work and leave a very pleasurable aroma in the air. Here is a link to Feliway

After only 2 days of using Nutrivet our cat, Mr. Ed, seems calmer.
Does he look calm to you?
Today was the first time having his nails trimmed was not a frightening experience for him. He stayed very still and let me do the dirty deed. I'd say this works just from this one experience, alone. He doesn't sound like he's tap-dancing anymore.

I had a busy day of cat-sitting today and the roads here are insane to drive on. Snow covered, black ice, blowing snow and many of my clients were out in the country on the back roads. Eeeeeek! "Hang on kitties, I'll get there"
But, I'm like your postman. No bad weather keeps me from delivering the TLC.

I am awaiting 2 new books that I ordered from our local book-store. 'Curiosity Killed the Cat-sitter' and 'Cat-sitter among the Pigeons' both written by Blaize Clement. Both are mysteries and are about a cat-sitter named Dixie Hemingway who works in the Florida Keys.  They sound like a fun read for me and I'll let you know just how 'real-to-life' her experiences are after reading that the author never was a cat-sitter. Real-to-life with a few murders and mysteries thrown in. Oooooo...haven't had that happen yet!

I had my last visit with Smudge today. She's always so much fun and now I will miss her 'til next time.

hugs, Deb


  1. Hi Deb,
    I tried the Feliway for my kitties and it has helped some. Gizzie crys a lot at night and will not settle down when we go to bed. Gabby likes to get in bed and under the covers and she will stay until we get up. Gizzie likes to roam and wants attention. I tried spraying it around the bedroom and the livingroom and I've noticed she is somewhat calmer, but still not calm enough. We will keep trying.


  2. What a face Mr. Ed has, reminds me of an old English gentleman! The book looks good and I just love Smudge's face too :D

  3. I will keep this in mind. I am going to try to foster a cat and will let you know how that works. Those books look like they might be fun mysteries. Let us know!

  4. Good info. Cosmo may be heading down the road of needing a product like that -- he seems to get more anxious all the time.

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