Monday, January 31, 2011

Good advice & helpful tabbies

I read something in the Pet Valu Companion magazine that I thought I would share with you.
Many of our pets are struggling with weight gain as they age so any tips to help our pets with this problem is appreciated by me. I only have 1 overweight cat (Sierra) but many of my cat-sitting clients are a little tubby. So this caught my eye.
If your cat or dog is a free-feeder (food on floor all day) but is gaining weight rapidly, you will have to change things up by meal planning twice a day and before 6pm. No free-choice feeding. "OK -That's sort of a no-brainer."

If your dog or cat eats their dry food too quickly, slow him down with a larger bowl. "Didn't know that." He will pick up fewer pieces at a time. This will help give the body's hormonal system more time to work on curbing appetite. In other words, providing time for his stomach to tell his brain he feels full.Very interesting.

Personally, I feed my cats more soft food than dry because I find it satisfies them and they are getting more water that way. Most dry foods are sprayed with fat and is very high in calories. I just feed my cats more often.

I always look forward to my Monday clients. I had a great time with my Fabulous Tabbies today.
They are usually very good boys when I cat-sit them but last night they got into a plant and we had some heavy duty cleaning to do this morning. "We" being the key word as they helped me with the sweeping and the washing of the floor. Tabbies just want to have fun sometimes and they are a great help when it comes to keeping  house. Anyhoo, they are tuckered out from playing with me and hopefully will sleep off some of their energy. These two boys love their windows.
 Can you blame them? Just look out there......lots of birds and squirrels to watch.
I love cat-sitting here. It is so peaceful.
"Be good boys and see you tomorrow"

Now, back home there is work to be done. Remember, I am a bit of a dish lover and now that my dining-room floor is painted, I have to put all the dishes back where they belong. As you know, tabbies are very helpful and love to do house-work. With that in mind, Sierra got right to it and offered a helping paw so we could get this job done fast.
"Thank you my little tubby're a big help"
"HI Mom"
"I know where to look if I need ya"

Hugs,  Deb


  1. After I went to canned food all of my Horde slimmed down...even Johnny the Whale lost a pound!

  2. I think now that Charlie is hold I will start feeding him wet food twice a day. Thanks for the tips Deb!

  3. I did not know about the larger bowl trick. Hmm....

    Banjo gets his food via a timed feeder. His new high fiber food seems to be filling him up. I am taking him for a weigh in later this week. Hopefully he hasn't put any weight back on!

    Cats in boxes ~ classic! :)
    xo Catherine

  4. I just love tabbies!!
    I also love that adorable photo of your Riley at Christmas which I can see while I am typing this...sooooooo adorable!

  5. Thanks for the advice...... Our dog is overweight..big time!

    I love all your beautiful pictures!!