Sunday, January 23, 2011

Boredom sets in...

We are into the dead of winter. The last two days have been the coldest this year. We would all most likely hide in our homes if it wasn't for the sun shining.
The cats are so bored because they usually go out on the deck or in the yard at least to do their business. It's just too cold.

If they aren't sleeping they are most likely getting into mischief

I only left the house to feed my daughter's cats while she holidays and feed the ferals. That was enough. My grand-daughter Riley dropped in with her mom & dad and we had some fun looking at books. Tomorrow will be cold but the temperature is rising. Dining-room coming along but not fast enough for me :(
Tonight I am adding more files to my cat-sitting file cabinet.  Business is GOOD!
hugs, Deb


  1. the white cat, Frosty, is beautiful!
    My 14 year old son is a cat fanatic, he would love to be in your home surrounded by all those kitties.

  2. January and February are always so long aren't they? We've been enjoying some warm weather the last few days (0 to -1) and some of our snow has melted. It's supposed to be like this all week. Perhaps some of it will blow your way! :)

    Happy Monday Deb!
    xo Catherine

  3. I hate the bitter cold and so I'm lucky to live in a warmer climate. Poor kitties and you, stuck in the house.

  4. Yesterday before my foster cat kitten was adopted and went to her new home I told her that I should have named her Mischief instead of Cookie! Years ago I had two cats I named Mischief and Mayhem! They were brother and sister and both were black and white. They certainly lived up to their names!

    Glad to hear business is good!

    ~ Tracy