Thursday, January 6, 2011

Please feed the birds

It's fun feeding the birds.
We are in love with the Chickadees.

Our Christmas tree is now a drive-thru restaurant for the neighbourhood birds and squirrels
It is outside our patio doors next to our shed where the cats can watch and the birds are safe.

And we light it up at night. My husband's idea not mine. He just can't let go.........................
Add some entertainment to your indoor-cat's life by feeding the birds close to a perchable window.
You will hear your cat 'chatter' and I promise it will make you laugh. :)

Tomorrow I will post on how to calm down a nervous cat in your home.

hugs, Deb


  1. That is such a great idea. We have a heated bird bath so the birds can get water in the cold and a feeder. I would love one near a window so Charlie can watch them.

  2. I have seen that chattering and it is so funny! I wish I had a tree like that and some birds, none here! (My little Bob is doing a bit better, but he has problems with loose bowels! I follow him every where with a paper towel!) ;D

  3. Thanks Deb, you are a sweet friend! The vet here is so hard to get into, he is out doing cattle and horses all day but I will keep trying! :D

  4. I love how "cozy" your tree looks outside with the food. The animals that live in your yard are so lucky!
    I laughed about your husband lighting up the tree and your saying "he can't let it go"
    I always feed the birds and squirrels....unfortunately I am on second floor of a condo bldg and Cody can't see the birds/squirrels the way my Bobo used to be able to when I lived in a first floor apt next to woods. Bobo loved it!

  5. That's a pretty way to feed the birds! We feed ours too so that our birdie channel is always on!

  6. Banjo and I can spend hours watching the bird feeder outside our living room window. Those birds are free entertainment! :)
    xo Catherine