Friday, January 21, 2011

A helping paw

How to pick up your spirits......Add daisies.

Today i emptied my dining-room to get it ready for the floor to be painted tomorrow. I had a lot of help.

Tissue paper is so comfy

 There were many paws to hold down paper, furry bodies to keep the boxes steady and the odd pat on the head from an admiring cat from atop the dining-room table. This is a job and a half with all the dishes in the cabinets. I have been waiting a while to have this last little improvement done so I was happy to do it. The cats had a great time.
We had to decide carpet or paint and we went with paint because of the animals. Carpets do not fair well in a home with 5 cats and a dog. I will put a centre carpet under the dining-room table when we are done and that will be it. I am slowly adding more calming colors to the room and discarding anything I do not LOVE. This is a promise to myself this surround myself with only the objects that I love and the colours that make me feel calm & collected. The cats are lucky that I love brown, beige & white :) The cats helped until the sun came out. That takes priority.
I have some new cat-sitting clients to meet this weekend and today is my last day with Smudgie. This morning I awoke to find her standing on me and I said "mornin' Smudgie" and she immediately started to purr.  This is never easy for me to let go of a cat because I 'fall in love' immediately but I am so happy for her. She will get all the love and attention that an only cat would get. She has her suitcase packed and she waits anxiously for Julie to arrive. Julie is a wonderful lady and now she will have the sweetest cat on earth.  "All the best to them"

I have been so busy with other 'stuff' that I have not posted very much about my cat-sitting clients. I will have some fun pictures for you as soon as things settle down to normal again.

hugs, Deb


  1. Love to see the kitties earning their keep by helping you to pack the dishes! Cute! My little visitor Callie will be leaving us on Sunday and I will miss her! hugs, Linda

  2. Those daisies are so pretty. And yes, cats are always so helpfull... :)

    Good luck on your floor painting tomorrow!
    xo Catherine

  3. We love to help mommy clean too! She really appreciates it.
    Have a great life in your new furrever home, Smudgie! We are very happy fur you.