Friday, January 21, 2011

Emotional ride

Little Smudgie left tonight. I watched them get into the car; Julie taking her time making sure the carrier was safely placed on the passenger seat and then they were gone. I came upstairs, removed the dishes and the litter box from the spare room and put her toys into a basket. I started to cry when I closed off the light. It never gets easier. She is gone but to a good home. A home that will be the best she can get. Forever. It's never easy to rescue a cat with the intent to rehome it because unless the new home is that same day you are bound to fall in love. I know I do. I told her she was leaving today and I think she knew. I put some time aside this afternoon just to spend with her.  When Julie walked in tonight I just knew this was a great fit. Julie lost her cat of many years to illness last summer and was now ready to open her heart to another and Smudgie will just be perfect. I will keep you posted when I hear how they are doing.

Please spay or neuter your cat. Our shelters are full to the brim and so many never get a second chance to find a loving home.

Hugs, Deb


  1. Oh Deb I know it was hard! Sweet Smudgie has found a wonderful home. I just got an email that I need to bring Callie back tomorrow. I have cried and I know I will cry tomorrow. Sometimes its so hard. How you do it all the time I don't know. hugs, Linda

  2. I couldn't agree more, my paths cross with rescuers and foster moms everyday, it's the hardest thing to do letting go...
    I so admire you opening your home, if only for a short while, giving these sweet kitties a chance of a permanent home for life.
    Smudgie will now have that chance.
    Thank you,

  3. Oh I know how hard it is letting your babies go, but knowing you made it possible for them to have a loving permanent home makes it so worthwhile! You're an angel & Smudgie is one lucky kitty!

  4. It's never easy is it? We can fall in love so quickly with them. But oh how wonderful you saved a sweet kitty and she is going to have her own home. It's a beautiful thing ~ be proud friend!

    Extra hugs and kisses for you today Deb!
    xoxoxo Catherine & Banjo