Monday, January 3, 2011

"She loves me, she loves me not"

I think that I know quite a bit about cats because I  spend a good part of the day with them. I live with them and my work is caring for them. My bookshelves have cat books on them, I buy Cat Fancy Magazine when the mood hits and I took a Cat Behaviour course years back. I have to know something. Why is it then that I always meet a cat that throws me? I guess it is true that cats don't want us to figure them out completely so there is always one in the mix that tries to out-smart you. Like Josephine, for instance.
Oh, she's a beauty and when you see her you just want to dive down and swoop her up. Let me tell ya, that's a NO...NO. You have to give her time and she might let you pet her. OK....I know that and that's what I do. I give her time. So, we got past that and now I have been offered her gorgeous head to pat. *pat...pat...pat..swipe.."ouch...geez..s///@#!#@888". OK! So now I don't pat her I just talk to her. Oh, she likes that. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
and she stays while I rock her world with canned food and some catnip. Now I feel that we have understood each other and all is calm. I stay awhile and visit and then she turns and walks upstairs. Off I go. Next visit...she is hiding on me. I find her and lay on the floor and we have a big conversation. She's under the bed and I am on my tummy with my head under the bed. She loves my voice and comes out and does the "prt...prt...prt" sound. I don't pet her and just talk. Now she is following me and we are getting along. She lets me pet her on the head and she plays with me with a ball. Tonight, I am the 'cats pajamas' I give her a treat and she is a happy girl. I fill her dish with the finest of foods, fresh water and pat her again."Bye, Josephine. See you tomorrow"  She rolls at my feet.

Next visit, "Joe, where are you?" She's at the top of the stairs and she looks mad. "Hi, Josephine, do you want some breakfast?" No response except for a look of disgust. "OK, come on down and I'll feed you."
Down she comes and she saunters into the dining area. There she falls down and rolls. Funny though, she still has a look of disgust on her face. I notice things! I sit on the floor and roll her a ball and she ignores it. She stands up and comes closer and falls down at my feet. She's purring. "Is this a trick? I know you are trying  hard to accept me. I think you are doing a great job and I really want to be your friend." Her tail is steady, her ears are up and her eyes are calm. Her face softens and  I think she smiles at me. She is so beautiful and I just want to try again. "Come here, sweetie.. I go in for a tiny pat....swipe!!!!! "AGHHHH.....damn it!"
So tonight I am reading about cats again. 

Tomorrow I research 'grain-free' food for cats. Drop by!

hugs, Deb


  1. Hi Deb! I am laughing at this post! I take care of my neighbor's cat when she is out of town and she takes care of mine...which isn't often. She, however, loves to travel! Her kitty has the same reaction ot me no matter how hard I try! I love cats and they love me! Why doesn't this one like me? lol However, I have to say that even my Ozzie has her moody moments after all these years! It's always on HER terms! Hope you had a great New Year and wish you a wonderful week...hugs...Debbie

  2. Been there and done that with the "ooooh you are soooo cute I just have to cuddle you".....BIG MISTAKE!!! I truly believe they love to keep us guessing! Happy Monday. Kids back to school, CHRISTmas decor tucked away and anything chocolate obliterated lol!!!

  3. This is so funny and so true! Gosh sometimes its just impossible to figure them out and I agree, they like it like that.

  4. I hate to say this...because I AM one...but I think part of her problem is that she is......A WOMAN!!!!!!


  5. Is it wrong that I'd rather look at pictures of pets than children?
    I loved this post. Your collie is so beautiful.

  6. I'm looking forward to your "grain-free" cat food post. My cat was diagnosed as an "asthmatic cat." I bought some grain free canned food and in 36 hours she was a different cat. No more wheezing and snoring. It happened so quickly that it could only have been the change in food.