Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Catty...I am, I am

My cats love to groom...
Everyday I see them going through the ritual that they have designed for themselves. It's always a Spa Day
They wash their face
and their legs and tidy up between their toes.

They scratch where it itches

They shed unwanted hair

While lion around, they stretch and flaunt their yoga-moves

after absorbing the sun

Foot baths are taken in the bathroom sink and no one cleans up after

They lie close and pretend to listen to each other

They eat lightly but often and prefer bottled water

All while wearing the same outfit everyday....tsk! tsk!

"Room for improvement ladies....and Mr. Ed" *grin*

AND...they fill my heart with love.


  1. True all that for us too, 'cept the "eating lightly and often" I'm a vacuum cleaner with my fud!
    Pawesome picshurs!
    Love, TK

  2. love the "lion" cute!
    Nobody cleans themselves better than a CAT!

  3. I would LOVE to be a Cat at your house!

  4. My brother in law says that if he comes back in another life, he wants to be my cat! They have a good life around here too. (MY little Bob is doing so good now!) ;D

  5. And the wonderful thing is, your sharing them brings us the love too! Nothing like watching a cat really stretch.