Friday, January 14, 2011

Have a 'cozy around the fire' kinda weekend

                       "BLAH!!! to freezing cold weather"

The weekend brings some special cats to cat-sit and lots of projects to work on at home. It's all about re-organizing for me in January. Maybe it will warm up, too.
"Wishing you all a lovely, sun-filled weekend and do stay warm. Maybe cuddle with your cat and check out"

hugs, Deb 


  1. We have been cuddling all week with our frozen weather! Some sunshine today and Charlie is sitting in his favorite window catching some rays! have a great weekend. hugs, Linda

  2. Thanks for your caring comments on my blog, it meant a lot to me
    Jenny X

  3. Thanks so much for sharing the cat house on the kings.....I loved looking at this beautiful sanctuary for these wonderful animals.

    All you kitty's and the photos are so pretty!
    Stay warm!

  4. I'm freezing too!!! Brrrr! Will cuddle with some bunnies though. ;)
    xx, shell

  5. Deb, I love the first photo...sO Cute and made my mom has a great smile.


  6. That second pic looks like you are holding my cat Sage! Looks just like her! (I finally had to put Bob in the garage, got so tired of the paper towel parade! He and my golden Cougar are instant buddies and are sleeping together! And he is still a lovie every time I go out to see him) :D