Saturday, January 1, 2011

I can be bribed. (by a cat)

It's never easy to leave Bali. Even when I CAN get my coat and walk out the door she runs after me and promises me the moon (well, at least a fuzzy mouse)  if I'll stay. She lives with 2 other cats but I'm more fun, I guess. We played ball on the stairs 'til I was pooped.

I gave her a "Happy New Year" kiss and a promise I would see her tomorrow. "Now, give me my coat, Bali.  "You owe me and I like cat-nip. OK! Cat-nip it is."

I am so ready to start the new year of In-home Cat Care. I have  many new clients since last year and hopefully will add more as the year progresses. I feel I am 'home' now with my business and will never look back. I am now 16 years providing cat-sitting for Carleton Place and surrounding areas. Up until this year it was 'part-time' along with my dog-biscuit business. Now it is full-time and I plan to be busy. Looking forward to a fun year.

If anyone would like to start an in-home cat-sitting business in your area, please contact me and I will help you get started. Cats prefer to be left at home when their owners travel and to have a loving sitter drop in to meet their needs each day is all these cats require. They don't want to sit in a cage at a kennel if there is any other alternative and this is the answer.  It's fun, every day is different and you get to meet and cuddle many lovely, friendly cats that you would never have the opportunity to meet otherwise. If you have ever had the thought to start your own business here is a great idea for you cat-lovers. Go on......make this the year. 

hugs, Deb =^..^=


  1. have me thinking! :)
    I have cat sat for friends before (where I would go into their homes)....the problem I have is LEAVING....I get so sad that they are by themselves that I can barely bring myself to leave!

  2. I have a friend who put her cat into a kennel one year when she went on vacation. When I found out I scolded her and told her never to do that again. I will come over and take care of her cat if she ever goes away again. It stressed her cat so badly to be in that kennel.

  3. Happy New Year, Deb!! Best of luck with new business for the year. I can't imagine a more loving and caring person with whom to leave my beloved babies :)

    xx Angie

  4. Happy New Year,
    I would love some information for you on starting my own business cat-sitting! Reading your blog and cat-sitting occasionally has encouraged me to want to build up clientele. I also love to meet as many cats as I can! I would like to start out part-time for now and would appreciate some advice.
    Thanks, Carolyn

  5. I can certainly second that cats like to be home and not on the road. I'll take Gypsy when we go to the lake, and since we started flower essences for car sickness, he's been a good traveler. But for an overnight -- he's much happier home.