Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tea with Riley

I was off to a tea-party this morning....

with this little lady

Best day this week so far was spent with my grand-daughter, Riley. She is so much fun now and so smart *brag...brag...brag*. We played with her new tea-set and snuggled.

Inspector Cooper was on duty all morning

Playing with Nan was tiring
I love those baby blues

We had a tea-party

Just the 2 of us.

hugs, Deb


  1. She has the cutest little face...what an angel..what a beauty! Your morning must have been such a joy! :D

  2. She is so cute you could just kiss those cheeks and not stop!!

  3. Ohhhh that was the CUTEST thing EVER!!

    Riley is GORGEOUS! I love the photo where you are both smiling at each other! You can tell you love each other to pieces!!!!

    Cooper is quite beautiful too!

  4. She is beautiful, Deb. The second to last pictures is amazing, from an artistic sense. Her pensive little face, grasping at possibilities... every moment- an epiphany. The essence and magic of childhood!
    They are all wonderful.

  5. That had to be one of the bestest tea parties ever with a little cutie pie to share it with like Riley. GREAT photos!!! Everytime I see the photo of Frosty on the sidebar I want to reach in and take him!!!

  6. Deb, she is just GORGEOUS! What picture perfect photos you captured of her! ... Donna