Sunday, January 9, 2011


First off, thank you for the comments on my last post. After some thought and feeling a little guilty, I have decided to work on my patience and just quietly listen to my husband go on and on and on and on and on and on..(oh, ...sorry!)about cars and just smile through it. Maybe I'll even watch one of those car shows he watches every weekend for hours, and hours and hours....oh, this isn't working.  I'll have to put some thought to this. :)

Let me introduce you to my new little cat.

Frosty lives at the Country Cat Rescue Sanctuary in Kemptville, Ontario and he is my sponsored cat. What that means is Frosty lives at the sanctuary and I supply funding for his food and care until a suitable home is found. I always support Gwen at the CCRS because she has proven to be the best at what she does. I have never met anyone more caring and loving towards the throw-aways as she calls them. She is what I call 'THE REAL DEAL'. Here is her website.
And here is little Frosty.
Isn't he just the cutest thing? I just want to reach in and hug him.

You knew he'd be white, right? I admit I love the look of a white cat but I also love ALL cats. I just like white 'everything'.
Frosty is only 10 months old and he needs a loving home. Today I am packaging up a care-bag for Frosty and his friends with treats &
 toys so they can  have some fun on these long, wintery days. Most pet stores have left-over Christmas stockings for cats full to the brim with cat-toys and everything is cheap right now. 1/3 of the normal price.
Gwen always loves to receive little gifts for her many cats in her care. I can't say enough about Gwen. I've just never met anyone who has so much compassion and love for her cats. She is very strict with her screening for new homes. No cat leaves this sanctuary without Gwen knowing that the new home is the perfect one.  I only wish her the Best with her sanctuary and I hope she gets many, many adoptions in 2011.

Today it's COLD out there. The wind bites your face. After visiting with Bud & Chase tonight and then putting food down for the ferals, I came straight home to make dinner and then relax and enjoy the wood-stove. Lots of snoozin' going on her. 
and I have a message for you.......

Maybe tomorrow.
hugs, Deb


  1. LOL I love the message...and that beautiful white cat! I took my Bob to the vet, he gave him two wormers and a distemper shot. He said that Bob was 6 months to a year..but he is so small. I am still following him around with a paper towel..hoping that by tomorrow it will get better! ;D

  2. Frosty is a cutie and I hope he finds a home soon.

  3. Frosty is adorable! Does he have a lil black kitten cap on his head? The Baby had one when we first adopted her, we thought it might be engine grease initially. She grew out the black hairs to become pure white.
    Perhaps your hubby would respond to a gentle stimulus when he goes a whack with a stick or similiar object. Just kidding!

  4. Frosty is gorgeous! We'll send purrs that he finds a truly wonderful forever home, very soon.

    Re: Gary and his talking about cars -- all you have to do is make the occasional sound of agreement, grunt, etc. You don't actually have to *listen*. Rather like how men "listen" to their wives/partners.

  5. Hi Deb,
    I hope little Frosty finds a home. He is so adorable. It's wonderful that you are helping out with Frosty's needs. You are so sweet and caring.


  6. Frosty is beautiful, and reminds me of our 16 year old Crissy when she was young.
    I hope someone with a big loving heart takes Frosty into their home, so he'll have a forever home.

    You have a heart of gold!

  7. WOW I would also love to reach in and hug Frosty. Whatta cutie!You are so good to the kitties!!That sign is the best advice I have had in a while..gonna take you up on it as it is single digits and biting cold here too!!

  8. We does the same thing for our Shelter, buying Christmas stockings. You are very wonderful to takes care of Frosty til he gets his furever home!