Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"How Sweet It Is"

The Christmas season was so busy this year that I just now am able to enjoy the gifts I received. I have to show you a gift from one of my cat-sitting clients who happens to be an artist. You have seen pictures of her three gorgeous cats, Lola, Otis & Rosie.

Donna loves black & white cats.
Well, they are three of my favorite cats and they own a lovely lady named Donna Baskin. Donna has a beautiful website called and I have purchased some of her work. I dropped in to her home before Christmas and she said "Oh, I have a little something for you and I hope you like it.  "Like it....I love it!" I was just thrilled.
She threw a little 'love' in

and it looks great on my bedroom wall. The colours are perfect. The Master himself...Mr. James Taylor. James & I go waaaaaay back...I have loved him for 40 years.

"How Sweet It Is".......Thanks Donna. 
Unfortunately, Mr JT does not have his music on Playlist so here is another one of my favorite, Marvin Gaye.


  1. Deb does your husband understand your love affair with JT?? I must admit you picked a great one to crush on! What a very cool gift! hugs, Linda

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  3. We share our admiration for him and his music but I'll let you know what he says :)

  4. What a great gift! Donna would love some of the strays I am taking care of in my neighborhood because most of them are black and white. They are all so adorable! Two of the youngest ones have seven toes like their father. Despite his handicap (not sure what it is), he has managed to elude me for the past couple of years so I have not been able to TNR him.

  5. Your bloggie always makes our mommy happy.

  6. Oh yeah. Mr. Taylor figured into my teen life too! That voice!

  7. How nice of her to know what you love. I have always loved his music too. I just love visiting your blog, so glad to have found such a kindred heart! :D

  8. that is exquisite! There is nothing better than a gift made from the heart that is custom made just for us!