Sunday, January 9, 2011

Men & cars

I enjoy driving in the car with my husband just as much as the next person but Gary will never understand that I don't give two hoots about cars. Just out of nowhere, he will start talking about a car. Maybe the car that just went by us or a car he saw on line or his buddy who is a mechanic just told him something 'wonderful' about some stupid car that is now at his garage being fixed. When he starts going on I feel like I want to jump out of 'our car'. It is actually at this time that I begin to make mind lists of things I need to do like pick up milk or head to the pet store to read labels again when I get home. I have even started cleaning out my purse when he natters on.. "that car is a Classic. They just don't make them like that anymore. Like those twin-air intakes and those vents in the mid-bumper...blah! blah! blah! "Calgon......take me away!!" Doesn't he notice I'm not answering him? No...he just wants to talk about cars.I couldn't look any more bored if I was on a fishing trip. I eventually have to say something like..."when we get home I think we should start cleaning out the basement. You've been 'meaning' to get to that for a long time, right? What is your strategy? *cheshire grin*
This is where all talk stops and I just hear heavy breathing. Then the radio gets turned on. Ahhhh!

hugs, Deb 


  1. Sadly,I live with a caraholic too. For sanity's sake he has learned to love teddy bears and cats, and I have learned to druel on cue for a '72 Olds 442 Cutlass Convertible. I know, whatta sellout.

  2. Oh men and cars....I've had that glazed look myself.

  3. Well, if he shows interest in your cats maybe a bit of interest in cars would be's all a give and take thing isn't it. ;D

  4. So funny, Deb! My DD and her hubby BOTH love and talk cars! Me...I know what color they are! lol Hope you are warm and cozy today!...hugs...Debbie

  5. Deb, it's funny...I'm actually the mechanically apt one at our house...I must bore my husband to death...I'll have to ask him about that!
    Heh heh.