Thursday, January 27, 2011

The calm (not before the storm...I hope)

I was a happy cat-sitter last week looking after these two little munchkins. Rae-Rae & Joe were 'home alone' while my daughter and her friend travelled to the Dominican Republic for a wedding. Although they missed Allie, they had a good time with me and were (sort of) well-behaved. 
I didn't get pics other than this because these two never stand still while I am there.
These two are perpetual motion
 It was fun spending time with them again. I am busy this week with some of my favorite tabby cats. Will post pics soon.
The weather has finally calmed down and we are not in a deep freeze anymore. Thank God for that. It was a bit too much. You couldn't even go for a walk without freezing. The ferals are back to getting soft food and water with their dry food so they will continue to fatten up and maybe struggle a little less through the rest of the winter. Only 52 days 'til Spring. Yah!
Can't wait to see the tulips.

Hugs, Deb


  1. Your daughter's kitties are so cute!! How fun that you get to spend time with them :)

    Hugo and the sweet :)

  2. Love the grandkitties! Wow that must be a heat wave to go to the D.Rep. from Canada! Those tulips make me yearn for spring!!

  3. It was so fun to see Rae-Rae again and the other grandcats! Glad it's warmed up some.

  4. I tried taking some photos of our cats today....and it made me very impressed that you're able to take such good ones.

    Those lovelies just won't stay still!! I have lots of photos of blurry tails, as they scamper off while I'm snapping!