Saturday, January 15, 2011

Calico Kitty

Calico Kitty is chillin' in our spare bedroom. I'll let her rest and then we'll post pictures. =^..^=
hugs, Deb


  1. Bless you, Deb, for rescuing her! Poor sweetie! I don't know if you guys are getting the snow we've been having today, but it's nasty here in Kingston. Poor little girl. I would like to think there is cosmic payback for abandonment...though maybe I ought not to be so quick to judge. It's possible she's microchipped and somehow got lost (in a move, or accidentally let out) and that someone is searching for her. I guess you'll find out when you take her to the vet--presumably they can see if she's chipped by scanning her.

    Paws crossed for this sweetie. At least now she'll be well taken care of, regardless of the outcome!

  2. We are so happy to hear the little gal is in and warm! Purrs all 'round for Miss Calico!

  3. Deb, you are so nice to capture that little calico and take her away from life on the streets! You are right, she must have been someone's kitty if she came to you that easily.

    I love reading your posts about your love for cats. I am now thinking I may want to be a cat-sitter like you when I retire one day!

  4. I just love calico kitties! Such luscious color.

  5. I can't wait to see Calico Kitty's photos !


  6. So glad she is out of the weather and away from the ferals. So glad you were able to rescue her.

  7. Oh yea..... woopeee! I'm so glad that you captured Miss Calico
    You're as good as gold!!!

  8. PAWS UP to you from my Cali, Rosie!!! Such a relief you have her safe and warm.

  9. Sweet! You are an angel Deb!
    Can't wait to see photos!
    xo Catherine