Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Helping spread the word on two homeless cats & Nana's bragging again.

Instead of posting for White Wednesday, I must show you some cats in this post that need a new home. But, first off, I googled to see if eyeballs can really freeze and apparently they can. It has to be EXTREMELY cold because normally our body heat keeps our eyes protected but the liquid in our eyeballs can freeze if the temperature is cold enough. Wow! I'll try to get you an update on how this woman is doing.

I met 3 lovely kitties for the first time on Saturday that I will care for soon. One very friendly and the other 2 still quite feral and only trusting mom & dad. This will be a challenge but I love a challenge with cats. I have all the patience in the world for the feline sort and look forward to (trying) to get to know them and win their hearts.

It's time to fill the cat bag with new toys, treats, fresh nip and all the 'necessities' to clean up after the cats. I have some new stationary for the daily notes and my client book has been updated with all the new additions.
Some of my new cat clients could win first prize ribbons for their beauty. Their gorgeousness could knock you over.I am sure geared up for the February Frenzy. Oh, I also purchased a new cat-hair brush so after cat-sitting I can stop in to Timmy's for a coffee. :)

Please let me introduce 2 very sweet little cats that are in need of a loving home.

Just look at those gorgeous tootsies.
These two cats are being cared for in a foster home in Ottawa. If you are interested here are their bio's.

Introducing "Dee Dee" a lovely 17 month little girl, looking for her forever home. Such a sweet kitty, so gentle, extremely playful and comical, always on her best behavior, loves to watch everything going on around with those big intense beautiful eyes of hers. She is such a love, and everything she sits on, she sits as if she were sitting in a saddle, paws hanging over each side. If she hears just the chain jingle of the laser pointer, watch out, she's right there, ready for crazy play.

 Introducing "Rosie" this 17 month old delicate darling is looking for her forever home. She is a groomer, will groom any cat that will let her. She comes running to her name, and comes running if she hears you rolling a tin foil ball in your palms. She is petite, pretty,very sweet and very well behaved. She only meows if you look her right in the eye and say her name.

"Aren't they just gorgeous. Contact me please if you are interested in learning more about these 2 lovely cats."

After a head-butt from Lily, I am off to cat-sit.........

but before I go may I just brag once more about my little grand-daughter Riley. This is her in her after-bath froggy blanket. This little girl is a gift.
                                   Riley - 8 months old
Hugs,  Deb


  1. Cats...little spirits so full of beauty! And that baby of yours is pure heaven! :D

  2. Hello,thank you so much for visiting and your comment, here I am visiting you and enjoying exploring your blog very much. Helen, Darcy and Bingley

  3. No appologies needed for bragging.. That little beauty is the perfect excuse to do that as she is gorgeous.. I hope those other two little beauties find loving homes realy soon too. HUgs GJ xx

  4. There's so many loving kitties that need homes ~ sending good thoughts for all of them.

    And your Riley? Can she get any cuter? Oh those rosy little cheeks. squinch squinch squinch!!!!

    xo Catherine

  5. Sweet kitties, I hope they find good homes. That Riley is a doll and growing so fast!!

  6. Whatta cutie in a froggie!!! Prayers those 2 lovelies find loving homes soon. They are just beautiful!

  7. OK, I thought the cats were cute -- but then I came to Riley!

    Although I'm not ready to provide the Gypsy with a semi-sibling right now (he's very only-cat material), I confess I wish you were a bit closer to Michigan for when the day comes I will look. And yes, there are wonderful rescue people here, so I will be fine; or perhaps some sweet cat will find me as both Stimpy and Gypsy did. Lovely-- I hope they find fine homes.

  8. Oh my! Your little Riley is adorable! She is also the same age as my Little Darling. Rosie looks similar to my foster who was adopted last week. Like you, I have an amazing amount of patience when it comes to caring for and socializing feral cats. I hope Rosie and Dee-Dee are adopted real soon.

    ~ Tracy

  9. These cats are completely gorgeous. Just look at their funny expressions. I'm completely a cat-person. We have three and they're such good company.

    Love 'em!!


  10. Riley is beautiful.... love those eyes. The kitty's are adorable...sure hope they find forever homes.