Monday, January 3, 2011

More Smudge.....less grain

Just sitting on the floor lovin' up Smudge. She is a gorgeous, vibrant Calico.
She is a darling!

I spent some time at our local pet store today reading labels, again.
I am changing our cats food to as close to grain-free as I can get my 5 cats to eat. Performatrin Chicken formula Indoor Cat food is now the #1 canned food in our house. Less dry - more canned.
They are so busy right now that they don't know there is a change-a-comin'.

Top 5 Ingredients are Chicken, Chicken broth, Chicken liver, Rice flour & Beet pulp. It also has oregano, parsley, rosemary & sage. That's funny,  that's just what I put in our spaghetti sauce tonight. I've decided to go grain-free to get them back to what cats would naturally eat in the wild. So many cat foods have fillers of corn & grain and so little meat. This brand is mostly meat and vitamins. I'll give it a whirl and let you know how they do. I want to see less tummy upset and shiny coats.

Cats in windows.....missed out on three today.

Heading out tomorrow with camera in hand.
hugs, Deb


  1. Performatrin's good, and a reasonable price compared to other brands. I can't get mine to eat it, though, have tried *numerous* times. Though they have, in the past, eaten the beef/liver, but then refused it after a time. Typical, as I had just stocked up.

    Good luck!

  2. Hi Deb,
    I would love to hear how it goes with the new cat food. Your kitty pics are so sweet.


  3. I also would love to hear how they do on their new food.

    We have had Cody on Royal Canin's canned rabbit and their dry rabbit and green pea (also grain-free)....he went on it a few months ago due to what we think were food allergies and he is thriving.
    He loves it!!

  4. Love the pics of Smudge! I too will wait to hear how the kitties like the food change.

  5. I switched to canned only last spring and I cannot believe how good my crew looks! Thinner, shiney coats, no dandruff! I feed friskies brand due to cost but the worst wet food outshines the best kibble, hands down. No UTI's this past year, either as they get a lot more water in their diet, too.

  6. You and Kane are a gorgeous pair of field walkers!! Love the Calico too!!!

  7. This is really interesting to me -- last April I switched Gypsy to a holistic vet and the first thing she did was teach me to be a label reader. We switched to several foods that all had meat as the first ingredients and little if any grains. Gypsy has looked really great and isn't as tummy-sensitive as before.

  8. Is a really gud idea! We eats "Before Grain" wet fuds Sometimes we gets a few crunchies as a treat too. We loves it. Mommy sais the wet fud tastes pretty gud too. (Can you believes she tries it?!?)