Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Valentine Tree

I think I have finally decided on a New Year's Resolution that I can stick to. "Out with the with the white." Yes, I think I can do this one. I'm keeping my eyes open for white furniture and sales on white paint. :)
Little calico cat is doing so well. I have to confess I did have to sleep in the spare room last night because she was lonely but I think I will be letting her out to explore pretty soon. She will have a shock when she sees all the animals she must meet. I'll have a talk with the 'ol gals first and tell them to go easy on this young'un.

"How I long for the Spring flowers"

Next weekend we paint our dining-room floor. Yes, it has been needing a face-lift for a long time. We ripped up the carpet and then got so busy with other things that it has been ugly and un-painted for ever. I can't wait because then the dining-room is done. Not white......but done. No more carpets when living with pets.

On one of the coldest days in Ontario, Canada,  I am making a Valentine Tree for the dining-room. I will play around with it in the kitchen until I get it just right. I have a very special cat-sitting job and will show you some pictures soon. If you have been following my blog, you will know these two characters.
Now, back to the Valentine Tree.

I'm just playing .Remember the Christmas kitchen tree that we had some fun with. Well, maybe you would like to add some LOVE to the home this Valentine's Day.
Hugs, Deb



  1. I have given some thought to a Valentine tree, but not sure yet. Yours looks cute. Glad the Calico Cat is doing so well.

  2. Very pretty, I bet the cats like it too! ;D

  3. So good to hear Miss Calico is doing well, she probably thinks she's died and gone to heaven.

    I love your Valentine tree, cute idea.

  4. Hi Deb,
    I love your Valentines tree, so whimsical!!
    I am with you on the no carpet, I have four dogs, and would have it no other way! I always wondered what feral cats and other creatures did for water in the winter, thanks for the info!
    Have a great day!