Sunday, January 16, 2011

A cat of three colours

                       Essence of the Cat
We meet on equal terms, take swift delight
In mutual respect. Each in her own
And separate orbit tastes the dark and bright
Of daily life - together yet alone
We walk the same earth, are together warmed
By an impartial sun. Yet you enclose
Yourself in dignified aloofness, formed
To warn me not to trespass nor impose
Upon your place as the aristocrat - 
For I am only human, you a cat!

Mildred Lescarboura Greene

Well this poem doesn't sound anything like our little rescued three coloured cat. She is affectionate & grateful. She is playful & curious. She is timid & gentle. She has a boo-boo on her nose and wears the weight of the world on her face.

She may have a restless sleep tonight as I expect she wonders where her 'friends' are and  has laid her pretty head on a pillow after a long-needed grooming and drifted off.

She has a bed-buddy
I left her to go and feed my cat-sitting clients and to drop some food off for the ferals. I didn't see any of them tonight. There is so much snow that they may be hunckered down early and just passed on the food to avoid tunneling back to their dens. I was both sad for them yet relieved that the calico is now safe and warm. I just wish they all had a home.

Monday I will have her checked for a chip and see if there are any health issues. I have emailed one person who I think may be interested in her if she is not 'lost' to someone who cares about her. She has been with the ferals for at least 6 weeks that I know of so if there is someone that was missing her, why have I not seen any posters or ads anywhere? Still, I'll do the right thing and at least check.
                                                Safe & Warm now. -16 tonight.

I expect Kane will guard her door until he finally gets to meet her.  He knows that something 'new' is in that room and he's so anxious to meet IT.

I have more good news today. Ming & Ling were adopted from our local shelter. I wish them a long a happy life with their new family.

hugs, Deb


  1. Love those two shots, especially. What a sweet girl she is. Probably she *is* homeless, it's an outside chance that someone moved away and she either got lost in the move or made her way back to home territory. An outside chance someone is missing her. Still, stranger things have happened. Good to know she'll have a home, regardless!

  2. Such a lovely girl and so full of trust! I'm glad you were able to nab her and get her back to "civilization" and a cozy pillow.

  3. She's so pretty, and I can only imagine how safe and snug she feels out of the cold weather.
    My heart breaks for all the animals out in the elements, but I thank God for angels like you!!

  4. You all have such nice comments for me but you know you would do the same. When a starving, freezing, lonely cat needs help and you can make the difference, you step up and do it. She is worth the effort. Thanks again.

  5. Deb as I sit here reading this wonderful post, I have a new friend with me... Callie. I hope she can stay. Charlie was not happy to see a new cat in our home. She is staying in one room for now and I will introduce them in a couple of days. I pray it goes well. Callie is sleeping and so sweet and trustful. Thank you for saving this little Calico in your home and giving me the encouragement to save this Callie in my home. hugs, Linda

  6. She is just beautiful and looks sooooo grateful. Her "bed buddy" doesn't look too put out to share with such a sweetie! Yes, I would take every stray I could if possible, my heart brakes for them.

  7. Aw...Deb, what a cutie! I had a little calico once. You're wonderful for helping these little darling!
    Now do any of your kitties ever go outside in the snow? I'll bet they're just too dainty for snow! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)