Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Little no-name has settled in to her room and seems to really dig it here. I'm thankful for that. I was contacted yesterday by the family who I had hoped would adopt her but the timing is wrong for them. I spoke to a rescue yesterday and their foster homes are full so she will wait here for that special somebody to at least give her a trial run only to discover that she is a captivating, perfect little cat. She has an 'old soul' at the tender age of 1. Again, thankful.
Isn't she lovely
Her little nose is healing nicely.

For my dish-loving friends.....
With the chaos of Christmas, my daughter forgot one of my gifts at home that morning. She knows I love dishes and I was delighted with the creme & sugar bowls that she gave me. Here is the plate that I opened just last weekend from her. So pretty! I love seasonal dishes and this to me is not so much Christmas but more a Winter plate. Gorgeous red cardinals on a pretty creme plate.

 Love, love, love it. "Thank you, Jess & Mike"

I am still hoping to find the right name for this little cat. Please let me know what YOU think her name should be. I have received many fabulous names so it will be difficult to choose.

Now for some 'cute'...

hugs, Deb


  1. I love the cute..and the pretty dish..and the old soul..Bobby has an old soul too, I think being homeless does that.

  2. So glad the little girl is happy in her room. I think we have figured out that Charlie is an 'only' cat! He is doing fine and our visitor is also but will be leaving on Sunday. I pray for a good home for her, she is so sweet.

  3. don't kill me but I believe in is no coincidence that the timing isn't good for your friend and the shelters are full...."Lil Miss No Name" is supposed to live with YOU

  4. Such pretty markings on this cat! Very pretty dish too with the cardinals on the wispy leaves.

    Precious baby kitty photo :)

  5. Oh, I'm a dish loving friend -- and thisi s simply charming! So is Miss Calico!

  6. Lovin the dish and the kitty!! You have no idea how much I would love to have her!!...and the dish LOL!!

  7. Deb, you are truly an angel. I've just been catching up and reading back posts about your beautiful new foster kitty. Lucky Lu comes to mind because she is certainly lucky that you came along. Maybe Lu could be short for Lucy? She does have a lot of red fur in there :)

    Your plate is beautiful. Cardinals were my mom's favorite bird. Whenever I see one, I think of her. Thank you for bringing Mom to mind tonight :)... Donna

  8. If only I lived close by, I would consider adopting that precious calico! What a sweet and wise face she has! I can tell she has a lot of love to give.