Friday, January 7, 2011

Now Ed, calm down, will ya?

Ed is a nervous boy.
He's been through hell and back throughout his 20 years and is now with us the last 2 years but he still has over-whelming fears sometimes. Mr. Ed is deaf. You cannot approach him from above. I think to him you look like the devil himself from that angle. Quick movements bother him.  He is fine to cuddle next to and its at that time that you can see that he really does love attention but all the pieces have to fit to have him stay and be lost in the loving attention. He is a lover of all cats, though. He is always snuggled up with Lily and takes his chances handing out kisses to all the others. Thank goodness for that.

I know he loves his new home but I am always trying to figure new ways to make him feel more comfortable. I have stumbled across Nutri-Vet (a natural calming mist for cats). This is a plug-in unit containing a blend of essential oils of Lavender, Sweet Orange, Bergamot, Cinnamon, Clove, Thyme and Juniper Berry.

This is plugged into a socket wherever the cat spends most of its time and the mist calms the cat. Being a catsitter, I was lucky enough to see wonderful results on one of my cat clients. Little Willow was hiding and peeing in the house because of another cat dominating her and once this plug-in was added to her room she stopped her behaviour and calmed down. She lives in another part of the home now with her Nutri-vet plugged in and seems as happy as can be. So this is now in my sitting room where Ed spends most of his time by the wood-stove and I am very confidant that it will help our Mr. Ed to be calmer and more cuddly.

I also play calming music throughout the day but Mr. Ed is deaf so he doesn't hear it but he reaps the benefits from the others chillin'. He has a pretty laid-back momma too. Time to get crackin' and visit some kitties. :)

Brenda - if you are reading this I have seen really good results so I recommend you try it for Emily. Good luck!

hugs, Deb


  1. Thanks for the nice comment you left!

  2. What a lovely old boy! I have a deaf oldie, too!

  3. Mr. Ed, I am so happy you have such a wonderful Home and such a fantastic Mommy. You deserve it! The next time someone gives you a cuddle, remember one of those scritchies are from me, your Admirer. xx Trish

  4. We knows Mr. Ed knows how lucky he is to have found you. I don't know of a more understanding and loving mom!

  5. How lovely that your mum is so caring and has got that wonderful thing for you. You are rather lovely.. Hugs GJ x

  6. We had some issues like this when we had our Calico Emily...she has since left us (she was outside and then just gone and I have cried many a tear over this). Charlie is much happier with out her but I am so wanting to bring another older cat into our home. Do you have ideas about how to do this? I feel this need to give another cat a home and this feeling won't go away. hugs, Linda

  7. Hi Deb! Oh, what a lovely boy, bless his little heart! That mist sounds wonderful. You have the biggest loving heart, Deb.
    Be a sweetie :)
    Shelia ;)

  8. What a neat invention, had not seen this before! I would even like the lavendar!!! Mr. Ed is a gem and so is his Mama!!